News Headlines 25th August 2017


    Julian Assange  The CIA director is waging war on truth-tellers like WikiLeaks

    Russian nuclear bombers fly near North Korea in rare show of force, prompting fighter scrambles

    In Historic Move, Qatar Restores Diplomatic Relations With Iran

    This Is What Americans Think Civil War 2.0 Would Look Like

    What Happened to News?

    [It had a problem with telling the unbiased truth.]

    Love Is The Answer To Hate

    Nepal’s PM Arrives in India Amid Doklam Standoff, Modi Rushes to Meet Him

    North Korea Accidentally Reveals A New Weapon Plan

    UN Calling For A Pause In Raqqa To Allow Trapped Civilians To Escape

    "The United Nations called Thursday for a humanitarian pause to allow an estimated 20,000 trapped civilians to escape the Syrian city of Raqqa, and urged the US-led coalition to rein in air strikes that have caused casualties."

    [Does anyone remember the U.N. asking the US-led coalition to rein in airstrikes in other parts of the Syraq theatre, how about when white phosphorus was used at least three times and video footage was prevalent on the internet.]

    Iraqi forces hope to make quick work of Islamic State holdouts in Tal Afar but face uniformed 'infiltrators'

    "The battle to oust the jihadist from one of their last strongholds in Iraq is proceeding more quickly than expected."

    Kiss Ass

    Censoring Spencer Only Makes Him Louder

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