News Headlines 25th August 2017_2


    Google, Facebook and Twitter now routinely violating the First Amendment to silence all non-conforming voices

    UK police database has 20 million citizen face scans - and no-one knows if it even works

    Florida to execute white man for killing black person for the first time in state history

    [Dead men cannot change. I will never be in favour of the death penalty except possibly in the most extreme cases of planned genocide. In some instances 'life' should mean life incarceration. But all life is sacred and none have the right to arbitrarily take it, for they did not create it.]

    Jemma Beale  Fake lesbian who accused 15 men of rape and sexual assault is jailed for 10 years

    The alt-right and alt-left dunderheads are making a mockery of American democracy [Mr Hannan is a U.K. Conservative MEP]

    Alt-Left Leader Vows to 'Crush Skulls' at Conservative Prayer Rally with Nail-Embedded Bat

    [The left for me was ALWAYS about social justice, everything else was a tack-on. If this is what the social justice of the left in the U.S. has become or is becoming, then I want no part of it.]

    Most Americans are ONE paycheck away from poverty — you can’t prep when you’re broke

    More serious charges sought in death of Swedish journalist Kim Wall

    South African model challenges Grace Mugabe's immunity in alleged assault

    White nationalist Christopher Cantwell surrenders on three felony charges

    Yingluck no-show, court issues arrest warrant

    Former Thai PM Yingluck's lawyer says does not know whether she is still in Thailand

    Najib to discuss terrorism with Trump

    Japan's defense chief says Tokyo expressed concern to Beijing over bomber flight

    China says nothing will stop its long-range air force drills - World

    Xi pledges concerted efforts with Moon to address differences

    Russian FM urges US to cool down on sanctions spiral

    Russia urges US to clarify its stance on contacts with Taliban without preconditions

    Ukrainian hacker group CyberBerkut says US biological labs active in Ukraine

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