News Headlines 26th August 2017


    National security aide Sebastian Gorka leaves White House

    N. Korea launches first missiles since nuke threats row with US

    US says North Korea missiles failed in flight, exploded on launch

    Interior Dept. to Reduce Size of National Monuments, Open Lands to Exploitation

    Brazilian President Abolishes Vast Reserve of Amazon Rainforest

    Widespread Video Manipulation Technology - Don't Trust Your Own Senses

    [Believe none of what you hear, and only half of what you see.' -- Benjamin Franklin
    [Believe nothing of what you read, nothing of what you hear, and only half of what you see. -- Abraham Lincoln]

    Macron Moves to Restore French Colonial Power

    [I'm sure French strategic thinking is' "If we don't grab it the Italians or someone else will"]

    Inside Intel! Trump's Secret Strategy Exposed - Alex Jones Tells All

    Hurricane Harvey makes landfall in Texas, Trump signs disaster order

    Man shot in Brussels after attacking soldiers - prosecutors

    Blame game gathers pace after Barcelona attack

    NZ spy agency op against Kim Dotcom’s associates ‘unlawful’ – High Court docs

    WikiLeaks Vault 7 Exposes CIA Using Fake Updates to Spy on Fellow U.S. Intel Agencies

    Ronald Bernard Found Dead in Florida After Exposing Elite Pedophilia as Illuminati Insider

    [Made an example of for breaking the loonyminty omerta.]

    Catherine Austin Fitts Again Says Cryptocurrencies Are Mr Global

    Your Bitcoin is NOT Anonymous: IRS Moves To Track Bitcoiners With New Chain Analysis Tools

    Understanding Trump's Foreign Policies

    The Nations that Accept Nazism Today

    UPDATED  Iraqi forces retake 12 out of 28 Tal Afar neighborhoods

    Iraqi Forces Besieged ISIS Members In Center Of Tal Afar Town

    Tal Afar Battle Day 5

    More ISIS terrorist leaders flee areas in Deir Ezzor under intensified army operations

    ISIS Lost Last Chance To Regain Initiative In Central Syria

    [SAA & allies liberate Salba, Mukayman Shamali & Sulaytiyah and are approaching main ISIS stronghold of Uqayribat. East Hama, Central Syria]

    Unseating Assad has become a low priority for Syria rebel backers, calling for new vision

    Hezbollah Leader Confirms Negotiations With ISIS Over Terrorists Withdrawal From Syrian-Lebanese Border

    "ISIS central command is not interested in the fate of its fighters in the Western Qalamoun region."

    [Does such an entity still have C&C operability? Is moving ISIS remnants from Shia hinterlands to Sunni borderlands any kind of a solution?]

    Italy’s dirty war in Yemen [Originally published on October 16, 2016]

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