News Headlines 28th August 2017


    Iraqi Forces Recapture Remaining Areas From Daesh Near Tal Afar

    Ceasefire Declared on Syria-Lebanon Border, ISIS to Evacuate

    Army kills scores of ISIS terrorists in Deir Ezzor

    Houthis and Saleh forces clash in Sanaa, at least two dead

    Trump reversing Obama policy blocking military sales to cops

    White House to Scrap All Limits on the Pentagon's Police Militarization Program 1033 _ Analysis

    US, Allies Used Diplomatic Flights to Send Weapons to Terrorists

    "The revelation could be particularly embarrassing in Afghanistan, as there aren’t third parties to arm there who aren’t explicitly enemies of the US."

    [Apparently a huge amount of arms inventory went 'missing' when this happened 3'49]

    'Surreal' Before and After Photos of Houston Underwater

    Hurricane Harvey: A Geoengineered Superstorm Targets Texas - WHY?

    [Rev 12.1-12.5. Doesn't matter if you're Christian or not, the people that manipulate this tech are avowed Luciferians. This was an attack against Corpus (body) Christi (of Christ). Nothing to do with religion, everything to do with cosmic magic. See prev posts on September 23rd event.]

    Police Watch as Charlottesville Man Open Fires on Protesters

    NYC Real Estate Exec Used 12-Gauge Shotgun To Kill Wife And Daughter Before Shooting Himself

    "...real estate management company his father started..."

    Grisly details of real estate exec’s double-murder suicide

    "The bodies of property manager Steven Dym, 56, wife Loretta, 50, and daughter CAROLINE, 18..."

    Bangladesh: Presumed Militant Killed in Bomb Explosion in Mymensingh

    Indonesia's First Female Would-Be Suicide Bomber Jailed

    News headlines  Alt-Right Alt-Left Alt-Stupid

    Martial Law in the Homeland Security Society

    "Seventy-two percent of Americans, in a Gallop poll say big government is a greater threat to the U.S. in the future than is big business or big labor,..."

    [What percentage were asked if big business was behind big govt?]

    Loving The Bollard  Turnbull's Anti-Terror Tool Kit

    Trump's Strategy May Drive Pakistan Closer To Russia And China

    At least 14 arrested as left- and right-wing protesters face off in Berkeley, California

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