News Headlines 28th August 2017_2


    S Korean Intelligence Says N Korea Finished Preparations for New Nuclear Test

    DPRK Permanent Representative at UN Sends Letter to UNSC President [DPRK perspective]

    N. Korea threatens to sink entirety of U.S. if invaded

    Afghanistan and the CIA Heroin Ratline

    Afghanistan: Civilians Among 15 Killed in Taliban Suicide Bombing

    Islamabad refutes US claim, says why would Taliban hide in Pakistan

    "Taliban had no need to hide in Pakistan, since they held more than 40 per cent of Afghanistan."

    Trump's new Afghan policy to fail like previous ones  Abbasi

    'Team America' Peace Envoys  They Came, They Saw, What's Next

    Trump team, Netanyahu renew talks on US embassy move to Jerusalem

    US denies that Kushner vowed to present peace plan within four months

    Fatah Official   Jared Kushner’s Mideast Peace Mission Is a 'Delusion’

    Netanyahu blasts UN, says will press Guterres on Iran's expansion in Syria

    Egypt temporarily opens key Rafah crossing with Gaza

    Syrian, Russian military destroy over 800 terrorists in major ISIL unit

    Car bomb kills 11, wounds 26 in Baghdad's Sadr City: medics, security

    German killer nurse suspect in at least 84 deaths

    Bahrain Arrests Citizen, Forcibly Deports his Family

    [Only when it starts happening to you or around you, then you will understand. The state can create "terrorists" out of thin air, or label you one and keep repeating that 24/7 like a mantra, directly into the public's subconscious.]

    Rex Tillerson, secretary of state  'The president speaks for himself' on his values

    i24NEWS - Assassination threatens to split Yemen rebel alliance, plunge capital into chaos

    Clashes in Al-Mesbahi roundabout

    Saudi airstrike hits Nehm

    Four US-Saudi warplanes hit Saada

    India, China agree on process of 'disengagement' in Doklam

    Indian troops withdraw from Doklam  China

    Doklam Stand-Off Ends  Indian Troops Withdraw, China Says Will "Exercise Sovereign Rights"

    China to make "necessary adjustments" to its deployments in Doklam

    China confirms India's withdrawal of troops, equipment from Dong Lang [Doklam]

    Bangladesh Denies Thousands of Rohingya Fleeing Violence in Myanmar

    Ten injured as 4.9 magnitude quake jolts Iran

    Peters  No-one knows how pension error happened

    Mexico  We Won’t Pay For Border Wall ‘Under Any Circumstances’

    FEMA Administrator  We’re Going To Be In Texas ‘For Years’

    Houston evokes painful memories of Katrina

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