News Headlines 2nd September 2017


    Russia says US plans to search its San Francisco consulate

    UN chief urges restraint by Myanmar forces as death toll surges

    Spectator  Iran is our natural ally, not Saudi Arabia

    ISIL Terrorists Withdraw Vastly from Positions in Central Syria

    ISIL's Centers in Deir Ezzur Damaged in Syrian Armed Forces' Heavy Attacks

    Beijing slams calls for new NK sanctions; Russia warns US against using force

    US heavy bombers, jets in show of force against North Korea

    Dummkopfs’ guide to the German election

    Mattis goes on offensive to say he backs Trump

    LAB the big winner in the August local by-elections with net gain of 3 and vote share up 14%

    China sees new world order with oil benchmark backed by gold

    Why India Did Not “Win” the Doklam Standoff with China

    [The Andorran model (whereby France and Spain take turns administering the area for a fixed period of time), may be the most conciliatory and mutually beneficial outcome for both sides. It could be developed as a joint concern, offshore tax-haven, tourist spot, trans-Himalayan transportation hub to the Western Indian subcontinent. In such a complex interconnected and rapidly changing world, winning and losing is very much a 20th century concept. Much better to learn and deeply understand the valuable lessons of failure from repeating global history. Skillful diplomacy oftens achieves more than force of arms.]

    August Jobs Report Misses Estimates, Market Reaction Muted

    Jim Rogers Blog  Three Investing Legends On Bitcoin

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