News Headlines 2nd September 2017_2


    Google is losing allies across the political spectrum

    Reporter: Google successfully pressured me to take down critical story

    'HoeflerText' Popups Target Browsers With RAT and Locky Ransomware

    US Government Site Was Hosting Ransomware

    Do We All See the Man Holding an iPhone in This 1937 Painting

    History of the Crypto Wars in Britain

    New quantum memory device small enough to fit on a chip

    Trump Personally Decided to Close Russian Embassy in San Francisco

    US Embassy to Suspend Issuing Non-Immigrant Visas in Russia Starting From Aug 23

    Condemning violence in Myanmar's Rakhine state, UN chief urges restraint

    Asia floods leaves millions homeless

    Floods kill more than 1,200 in Asia as all eyes are on Hurricane Harvey [Perspective]

    Nigeria floods displace more than 100,000 [Perspective]

    Renewed tensions in Kenya after Supreme Court annuls election result

    "For the first time in history of African democratization a ruling has been made by a court nullifying the irregular election of a President."

    Navy Finds No Sign of Hacking in Recent Collisions

    Test of Remote Controled PSV Successful

    German border town issues iodine tablets over fears about Belgian nuclear reactor

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