News Headlines 2nd September 2017_3


    Google Is Committed To The Suppression Of Free Speech

    "Writing in Global Research, Graham Vanbergen lists 13 websites arbitrarily branded by Google as fake news or conspiracy sites whose readership Google has managed to reduce between 19 and 67 percent:

    * fell by 67 percent
    * fell by 63 percent
    * fell by 62 percent
    * fell by 47 percent
    * fell by 47 percent
    * fell by 42 percent
    * fell by 37 percent
    * fell by 36 percent
    * fell by 36 percent
    * fell by 30 percent
    * fell by 25 percent
    * fell by 21 percent
    * fell by 19 percent"

    New Think Tank Emails Show “How Google Wields its Power” in Washington

    'Data is the new oil'  Your personal information is now the world's most valuable commodity

    Jeff Sessions says police access to military equipment will 'save lives.' NAACP calls it 'wrong'

    Cobb approves retirement for cop who said “We only kill black people”

    Brazilian Judge Stymies Plan to Allow Mining in Amazon Region

    After Deafening Global Outcry, the Brazilian Government Retreats on Plan to Permit Mining in Massive Amazonian Reserve

    How to build the political narrative of an attack

    "Editorials unanimously against Catalan independence:"

    Charon: the Mossos anti-terror op that was sabotaged by Spanish police

    Keeping The Faith  Bitcoin’s Top Three LIES

    Eliminating the Human - MIT Technology Review

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