News Headlines 7th September 2017


    Bookmark This: Over 400 Links Google Doesn’t Want You To Visit

    7 Alternatives to Gmail you should really consider

    Moody’s Threatens to Permanently Downgrade US’ Credit Rating

    Syrian army fights to secure corridor into Deir Ezzor

    Chinese Special Envoy Meets Myanmar Vice President Over Rakhine Attacks

    [Not one mention of French oil interests.]

    Puerto Rico Taking Every Step to Avoid Catastrophe from Hurricane Irma

    [From bankrupt nation to third world nation?]

    Latest: Hurricane Irma shifts slightly to east; all of Florida remains in its path

    Last minute prep, uncertainty as Irma approaches in Port St. Lucie

    Hurricane Irma now projected to turn north; expected to influence Cayman weather

    Tropical Storm Jose continues to strengthen gradually and is now expected to become a hurricane by Wednesday night.

    Hurricane Irma US Virgin Islands confiscates guns ahead of storm

    NRG Begins Experiment On Safety Of Molten Salt Reactors

    Mattis reportedly threatened Sweden with retaliation over signing a nuclear-weapons ban

    'Devastating' Hurricane Irma Flattens 'Most Solid' Buildings On Caribbean Island

    These are old but I missed seeing them at the time.

    WARNING “Credible threat of severe accident at two nuclear reactors” due to Hurricane Harvey - August 29th, 2017 1'41'26 Mandela Effect & Ancient Aliens from the Future - Corey Goode [Published on Aug 4, 2017]

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