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The Day I Took On The Universe

    The Day I Took On The Universe

    It was when I journeyed to the centre of Gaia, absorbed in her healing waters that I learned that I was finally loved and understood. She caressed me and nurtured me, until I had everything in my power to overcome unaccountable odds. The darkness in this universe thinks it can consume every last starseed of light. However, it did not account for the power of Gaia, and the four elements that support her. Wind, Fire, Light and Darkness. 

    Is is these four elements that surmount to a world of order in an otherwise chaotic cosmos. We are held together by our totality, not our separation. We are held together by darkness and light supporting one another. It's is White's dream and Black's nightmare. They must find the middle ground if we are ever to end this conflict of interstellar beings.