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    ZERO countries have their embassies in Jerusalem. The one country that is about to change this, the US, is the so-called "mediator" between Israel and Palestine. Think about that.

    Many of Trump's backers are Jewish and/or Zionist. This is simply evidenced by Bannon continually courting the Israel lobby recently. In actuality it leaves the rational thinker to make the assumption that those who have always been running the show, and we are told are being rooted from the swamp, are in fact still running the show and making a power play to be the sole power structure (consider the only time the Zionist Neocons praised him was when he was firing missiles at Khan Shaykun). Removing the Christian Palestinians and Shiite Muslims from the picture is only a part of that process.

    Trump has been led to believe that the Zionists have something on him from Epstein's Island. This is actually not the case at all, but something must have happened that has given them leverage in knowing, but without having compromising evidence as proof. Trump doesn't know this for sure and so I suspect has been keeping a faction onside that is still powerful yet whose media tentacles still continue to stymie as much of his efforts as it can. This is in part the reason for the sour face of Pope Bergoglio upon meeting Trump, another NWO faction that is perpetually at war with the Zionists yet uses their symbols as cover and to smear the Jews, just as Jewish factions have historically used the Jesuits and other methods to smear and implicate the fake church of christ (and their historical creation and manipulation of Masonry and other secret societies). In reality both are mortal enemies of humanity because they seek to control humanity as a resource, and both are apostate to the one true light because they attempt to define all that is, for their own selfish ends.

    Anyway. moving the U.S. Embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem follows a long line of time that both spans history and the future, putting into play powerful ancient embedded forces inherent within the subconscious minds of billions of people, forces that have been inculcated for far longer than two thousand years.

    Now consider that the greater part of the human mind is the subconscious mind hence why media brainwashing attempts to bypass the conscious and target the subconscious which has no reasoning method of appraising what is true or false and which can be repetitively conditioned to accept falsehoods as truths. Brainwashing.

    Consider also that most people live, in the main, within their frontal lobes without ever accessing their higher cortical mental and spiritual functions, consider the oft-used analogy of the tip of an iceberg. We know that science considers that we user far less than 10% of the 1450cc of our brain's mental capacity and even less of the connection to our higher selves which both the Jews and Jesuits understand well having stolen and pillaged and made secret (and labelled witchcraft or shamanism) the knowledge that they successively stole from nations and races that they invaded and successfully exterminated.

    Also in conjunction with what has been historically known as the Judeo-Christian (variations exists) tradition, are off-world antecedents. We are led to believe Earth is all there is, the solar system and beyond is devoid of intelligent life, but in reality we have been inextricably caught up in a Star Wars-type reality on the edge of the Galactic Rim for well over a million years. Unfortunately one of the final battles appears to be taking place here. Some refer to this historically as the Sirian-Orionite conflict. The truth of this is so far above the pay-grade of any rogue intelligence agents as to be unactionable.

    So to put it in a two-dimensional paradigm that the reader may make some contemporary sense of; The Zionists (I won't use the word Israelis or Jews because the true Jews of the Torah, are being set up as patsies by Satanic Talmudic pseudo-Jews, just as they were during the Nazi era.), an ancient faction that has had many names, has enabled it's countdown clock to be started. Perhaps it is dafe to infer that many Jews are not schooled in the Jahwite/Elohist, Canaanite/Edomite/Hasmonean, Sanhedrin/Pharasaic and the Khazarian "schisms" (for wont of a better term). The Jewish people are as much at the mercy of events as the unsuspecting Americans and both will seemingly suffer from this further alteration to historical norm.

    The subject is so convoluted and complex, spanning six thousand years, the source material has been consistently suppressed, authors have been killed, books destroyed and the cover-up continues. Except now, we are in the end-game. And very very few have a coherent picture. Sadly I am not one of those people because of the breadth and depth of the subject matter. But without doubt the two-dimensional Zionist-hate shillers will attempt to keep the enquiring minds within the temporal realm of easily digestible factoid horseshit.


    Under @POTUS, America stands with Israel. Discussed w/ @TheBrodyFile that we'll deliver that message in Israel later this month & travel to Egypt, where we’ll be addressing the issue of persecuted Christians & religious minorities across the wider Arab world.

    Oh really, well 12% of Palestinians are CHRISTIANS (never mentioned in U.S. Zionist controlled media and impossible for the Evnagelical war-loving Republican pseudo Christians to accept), what percentage of Christians live in Israel? Less than 1%! A nation that has happily caused Christian persecution in Syria and across the entire Middle-East by arming and funding Islamic terrorists to kill them. Yet the white-right-might has never cared for Christians of any colour but white having fallen (in many senses) for the utter myth that their saviour was a white guy just like them.

    So all those: "I stand with Israel" Americans (and yes it is an American peculiarity) have got nothing at all to do with Christ. Consider; "And ye shall be hated of all men for my name's sake". The Rabbi wasn't talking about Jews, he was talking about what the then Jews viewed as gentiles, in part because HE knew where the Israelite diaspora had settled after being dispersed from "the holy land". By this point the tribe of Judah had been passed over at least twice as heretical.

    No good will come of this move. Mark my words.

    The clock is ticking.

    I suspect that when all is said and done, Israel and American as you now know them, will cease to be.

    Truly the beginning of sorrows.