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correct application of desires: a true tale of Psionic Battling!

    correct application of desires: a true tale of Psionic Battling!

    this is a true story of an ongoing battle.


    keywords might include:  Lucifer, Nazis, demons, ascension, deva/asura conflict, awakening, Buddha, mutation, Nihilism, pisces, scorpio, cancer…

    shortly after i started the books, this fight began.  1996.


    a reiki instructor turned me on to the series.


    Pure Peace Bird said “I’m not sure if you’re ready for this, but if you want to try it, be my guest.

    as soon as I got to the part entitled “Judgment Release,” I said to myself,


    this is someone who really has thought deeply about Jesus and Christianity.   

    that was sort of an understatement, even though an accurate ascertainment, looking back.


    at that time, my interests in applying my musical talent involved singing in bar bands.

    so i finished the first book, with the royal blue cover, with “Judgment Release” on page 16.  

    swore to read them all.  I’m kind of a Jesus freak.   I once considered myself a Born-Again Christian.  I see it all much more deeply, now.

    But also, meditation has been part of my life since I was four years old.


    Sitting, meditating, alone, with my legs crossed one day, repeating as a bija the name of Christ, Yeshua..

    Who could that bother, right?

    then I heard the psychic scream:  



    the arrogant and kind of loud voice screamed.


    this happened again, and again.  the denial focused straight at my own clairvoyant sense, over weeks and months grew more and more repeated.  after a while i began to laugh at it, putting together in a Sherlock Holmes-like fashion exactly what it was.


    as an advanced meditator i am unsurprised by psychic events.   but this psychic denial was sort of telling, because I had been using Yeshua as a bija!


    it got more detailed as the years grew on, more frenzied, and a Satanic edge more than crept into it.   The satanic vibe with a nazi feel got more creepy and weird, and “Sinister” is the best word I can use to describe it.  I began to laugh, because in the world beyond meditation sessions, I had rejected a chance to be the lead singer for a band.   because they said that they hated all other bands...it was “the only way to make it,” in their words.


    I didn’t have to wonder too hard, “Who are the Satanists?”


    I am laughing, thinking about it now!


    since those years, i have sadly yet with determination particpated in a couple of online groups that were investigating the entire “Mind Control” series of conspiracy theories.   


    in particular, one named mindcontrolresearchforum @ yahoogroups, and another which is also now defunct, a Ning in which I was given Moderator and Administrator powers, usamicrowavemurder.  




    such fun, fun days online.   


    there have been and will be more fun things to do with my time online and off.  and i dealt with some people who were psychologically miserable. their way of seeing was caught in symptomatic loops that made me feel terribly sorry for them...they would insist that there was nothing that could be done, and that something had to be done, and they would call themselves “targetted individuals.”  i learned to feel sorry for them and even to sympathize, but...sadly, they show a lot of symptoms of being caught in a hypnotic mind loop of paralyzed illogic. a very bad place for humans to be trapped in...in short, such people need help and are screaming for it, and obviously those who have trapped them WISH them to be paralyzed in their thought-patterns.


    it’s an ongoing thing.


    one thing is certain.  the groups who employ such technologies and agendas are not omnipotent, all knowing beings or Gods.  They make blunders, are imperfect and prone to error.

    • ura soul
      by ura soul

      Oh absolutely, I actually remember that yahoo group - a long time ago.

      Eventually humans are going to collectively understand the nature of their own psyche and self, such that we know that telepathy is real and that impulses can arise from numerous pathways beyond just the common hearing, sight, smell and touch. It gets complicated sometimes when attempting to discern the origin of signals of this nature though and I'm sure you would agree that feeling is key in that process. Often images can be triggered too.

      I am currently learning about the neurology of the brain and it is quite amazing how many insights I am picking up as a result of what I have learned from RUOW and elsewhere. One thing that jumped out at me was that a description was given of the way that cells form protective layers around other cells - so some cells are kind of like an 'outer circle', with the 'inner circle' being hidden and safer. This is really the exact model used by most secret societies. I can't help but think that a healed being who is less dense and less 'human' wouldn't have such attack/defense inspired structure and would be more of a 'wave' of energy... I'm not saying that the future of humanity is to become plasma jelly fish.. but.. it's an option ;)

      admin of this community, co-creator of reality & lover of life!
    • cataleptik
      by cataleptik

      Isn't Ceanne De Rohan a fascinating person?  How awesomely gifted she is...

      it's sort of beyond anything that has EVER happened before...epochally definitive.


      I'll see you and match you.  Don't think I can raise...


      you say...


      a healed being who is less dense and less 'human' 

      while I say

      a being that is vibrating more highly, and is more 'superhuman.'

      but both perspectives have merit...


       i'm not saying that the future of humanity is to become plasma jelly fish.. but.. it's an option ;)

      both evolved humans who vibrate more highly and humans that evolve into fantastic forms that don't resemble the h. sapiens that we recognize are probably in the future.   or both, advanced control over our physical forms, giving us capability to wildly diverge from the structure we are used to, and then return.   the ability to become the plasma jellyfish that you describe and then flash back in a moment to the structure that we are used to could be feasible.


      evolution being what it has been,

      now we are aware of it...and that is a new development, 

      considering the however millions or hundreds of millions of years that we have been this ten fingered, ten toed hominid...





      i want to take a moment to say; this is great and had to happen.  i finished the RUoW series in 2003, and i had abandoned my home and was going around helping the homeless, which is what i do, now,, when i am on the road.  in Providence, RI i finished Indigo and there was such a feeling of Wow, just a wave of 'this is it, now the great adventure begins.'  it really was a wave of understanding that has never ended.  since then, i am not that same person that i was when i started the books.  i imagine you had such feelings, too.  the work you do here is like whoa, supermind.  


      things happen that would have baffled the old me. in a second i understand.  comprehension, discernment, understanding.  and i recognize that i held judgments before that i didn't know i was holding.  subconscious judgments.  but they have been easy to let go of.   this idea of percieving beyond judgments has become FIRST nature to me now, not second nature.  what does that MEAN, anyway?



      oh, yeah...the Great Flood of Noah's Bible story, and 'Atlantis.'


      some have said that the story of the deluge in the bible is more like a folklore version of events than a report as would have been had there been journalists with modern recording implenents around way back when.


      but there weren't...humanity as was then is not as evolved as it is now.  not intellectually...

      as such, you and i and others familiar with RUoW know the story of such fantastical, legendary 'fairy tale' beings, and how...they are dimly 'recalled' by many people but we don't see them anymore...


      there was something that is called 'Atlantis' now, and...

      gapped atrocities took place there.  so much so that 

      a planetary disaster happened, overseen and willed by higher powers.

      i'm no channeler, so i don't know for sure.

      i sort of made a choice...that i would use RUoW to become more fully human, to become as actual a human as possible.

      but thinking about that now, i guess it could mean a whole LOT of things...

      more than i can guess at now, since I am still transforming.it's a trip,

      we can transcend death through self understanding...'get a grip' on our matter- body and soul- body relationship.


      it felt like the energies that were attacking me in meditation were like the Satyr, 

      like a thing that ignorantly despised, in a mode of utter denial that i have read called 'asura clairvoyance'

      that only despises the energy of unconditional love, which i was focusing on while repeating Yeshua's name silently in my own mind.

      not the physicality with the cloven hooves and horns of the Satyr...but,,,


      the thoughtform.


      still not sure about it all.  but one thing i have realised is that it will be good for me to acquire some clear quartz crystals, and keep them near my body.   i have read recently that such crystals have electromagnetic absorption powers.  i bet you know something about that..


      it's not like the assaults ceased, 

      but I studied a pretty old 'from the 1940s' psychic self defense manual by Dion Fortune.  it was good. it helped a lot.

      and Buddhist meditation techniques actually take such psychospiritual situations into account...

      thanks for resonating with this!


    • cataleptik
      by cataleptik

      that's awesome, to think that you were seeing those emails.

      i guess a LOT of netizens were viewing that group, and not really saying much.  i was using a different tag, 

      but then again, i think i was signing 'cataleptik' on the mails...hmph.


      it seems that such technologies HAVE to backfire and break down on a certain level.

      Trump's so suspicious, sucking down his Diet Cokes...

      with the special ingredients concocted by Don Rumsfeld and SEARLE.  Vile!

    • ura soul
      by ura soul

      Oh yes, 'superhuman' to me really means 'free'. Free enough to change form and evolve without the hindrance of thinking that "we got here only through billions of years of minimal and 'chance' changes". Being 'Human' is metaphorically a bit like finding a few cents down the back of a sofa - useful, but not exactly what you needed; I'm sure we can find a bigger cache of usefulness if we open up enough. ;)

      I'm glad to know that you are actively helping homeless folks - It's surely one of the highest achievements a human can perform, yet obviously so under-rated. <3

      Yes, I relate to the quick understandings as a result of what has been shown through RUOW. I have to write so much down and I can't possibly keep track of it all. I hope I will get it all organised and published soon. Unfortunately, whenever I start to formalise a book, I find I have to go and do a bit more research and end up piling up even more notes. lol.

      'second nature' - I think that refers to the fact that we have our own individual nature and we can stick things onto it that come to us after our true nature comes to us. so something moving from second nature to first nature would mean really integrating the idea in your core.

      I'm not expert on crystals - though I have had some amazing experiences on rare occasions, so I know they aren't just lumps of pretty rock. I recommend finding some kunzite - you don't need much, just tune in and match the frequency of it. ;)

      I don't remember much about the mind control group. I think it was one I used to read while working at a pharmaceutical corporation. They blocked out the web, so we couldn't use it, but I found a few newsgroups that were available that they had missed. I think one was mind control and one was energy work. I had no idea what energy work even was back then, but it was a great (and weird) way to pass the time there.

      admin of this community, co-creator of reality & lover of life!
    • cataleptik
      by cataleptik

      RUOW. I have to write so much down and I can't possibly keep track of it all. I hope I will get it all organised and published soon.


      that's so good. it means what's been triggered is your dormant stuff,

      a block has come loose, and now you're flowing freely. so good for you.

      keep track of your evolvement, you're like a fountainhead, now, and it will just get better for you,

      more sublime and insightful.


      a lot of those mindcontrolresearchforum pages are cached. 

      i should really start compiling and editing them.