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correct application of desires: a true tale of Psionic Battling!

    correct application of desires: a true tale of Psionic Battling!

    this is a true story of an ongoing battle.


    keywords might include:  Lucifer, Nazis, demons, ascension, deva/asura conflict, awakening, Buddha, mutation, Nihilism, pisces, scorpio, cancer…

    shortly after i started the books, this fight began.  1996.


    a reiki instructor turned me on to the series.


    Pure Peace Bird said “I’m not sure if you’re ready for this, but if you want to try it, be my guest.

    as soon as I got to the part entitled “Judgment Release,” I said to myself,


    this is someone who really has thought deeply about Jesus and Christianity.   

    that was sort of an understatement, even though an accurate ascertainment, looking back.


    at that time, my interests in applying my musical talent involved singing in bar bands.

    so i finished the first book, with the royal blue cover, with “Judgment Release” on page 16.  

    swore to read them all.  I’m kind of a Jesus freak.   I once considered myself a Born-Again Christian.  I see it all much more deeply, now.

    But also, meditation has been part of my life since I was four years old.


    Sitting, meditating, alone, with my legs crossed one day, repeating as a bija the name of Christ, Yeshua..

    Who could that bother, right?

    then I heard the psychic scream:  



    the arrogant and kind of loud voice screamed.


    this happened again, and again.  the denial focused straight at my own clairvoyant sense, over weeks and months grew more and more repeated.  after a while i began to laugh at it, putting together in a Sherlock Holmes-like fashion exactly what it was.


    as an advanced meditator i am unsurprised by psychic events.   but this psychic denial was sort of telling, because I had been using Yeshua as a bija!


    it got more detailed as the years grew on, more frenzied, and a Satanic edge more than crept into it.   The satanic vibe with a nazi feel got more creepy and weird, and “Sinister” is the best word I can use to describe it.  I began to laugh, because in the world beyond meditation sessions, I had rejected a chance to be the lead singer for a band.   because they said that they hated all other bands...it was “the only way to make it,” in their words.


    I didn’t have to wonder too hard, “Who are the Satanists?”


    I am laughing, thinking about it now!


    since those years, i have sadly yet with determination particpated in a couple of online groups that were investigating the entire “Mind Control” series of conspiracy theories.   


    in particular, one named mindcontrolresearchforum @ yahoogroups, and another which is also now defunct, a Ning in which I was given Moderator and Administrator powers, usamicrowavemurder.  




    such fun, fun days online.   


    there have been and will be more fun things to do with my time online and off.  and i dealt with some people who were psychologically miserable. their way of seeing was caught in symptomatic loops that made me feel terribly sorry for them...they would insist that there was nothing that could be done, and that something had to be done, and they would call themselves “targetted individuals.”  i learned to feel sorry for them and even to sympathize, but...sadly, they show a lot of symptoms of being caught in a hypnotic mind loop of paralyzed illogic. a very bad place for humans to be trapped in...in short, such people need help and are screaming for it, and obviously those who have trapped them WISH them to be paralyzed in their thought-patterns.


    it’s an ongoing thing.


    one thing is certain.  the groups who employ such technologies and agendas are not omnipotent, all knowing beings or Gods.  They make blunders, are imperfect and prone to error.