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the meaning of 'tanstaafl' - or "there ain't no such thing as a free lunch."


    like ureka here, is an excellent example.   it's free, right?

    ought to be.  about how much does it cost to power up one's phone, or computer?

    gotta pay bills to plug in and charge a device.  or go to a cafe or library and plug in.

    free, right?  but THEY have to pay a bill.  at the cafe, can you really sit there all day and use their ac without paying?  sweet!  but don't let others know about your sweet spot.  it'll get mobbed...and they will have to start charging for charge.  ("charge," get it?)

    i don't LIKE it this way.  there OUGHT to be free lunch, ura soul.

    there are few revolutionaries, and most revolutionaries have not thought things through and are either satisfied with halfwayism or pretending to actually give a shit, or are ready to commit some kind of suicide by cop.  the revolution that THEY plan has not been planned well, and will necessitate another revolution later, and of course, 'permanent revolution' is made to...create permanent revolution, a police-state empowering continual state of war that will irritate people, until after a while people say FUCK this shit, I hate this oppressive police state...we need a revolution...


    like in the United States where some slaveowners wanted to be free.  In the United States, or as my friend Lonesome Cowboy Dave from the radio calls it, The Untied Snakes of Hysteria, they are fighting from weird, sudden street crime to the highest office, the same battle with the same precepts as the revolution of 1776.


    will people be enslaved and oppressed due to percieved skin colour and social class, or will there be representative government, democratic, where people are equally represented with no distinction for social class?


    social class meaning gender, ethnicity, religion, sexual preference...will it be equal or will some caste be the oppressed and miserable worker who must toil unfairly no matter who is in charge?



    Google:  free?  to search for sites?  how about Drive.  Is that free?  once again....where do you plug in and "charge"?  that electricity is costing someone a pretty penny.   until Revolution is really effective, not some fake revolution that empowers another Lenin or Mao or Hitler or Bush, it obviously, logically was not a revolution.


    If the situation is not resolved, the disparity that led the revolting group to revolt...not resolved, when peace is declared, while the 'winners' are celebrating others will be grumbling and looking for other grumblers to share grief with, and they will plan revolution.   it happened on July 4 1776 in the United States because some wanted to own slaves and H A T E D the idea of "liberty and justice for all." They had crossed the sea for equality!


    Equality to the King and Lords who had vassals and villeins firmly in stocks and affixed with bonds.


    Yeah, as a joke I like to say to people of United States origins, "Good thing that the Americans had that revolution.  Otherwise, they'd all be speaking English."



    (The writer bows deeply.)



    I named the movie making company that i needed to make because I love making movies, directing actors and viewing finished projects "There Ain't No Such Thing As A Free Lunch Productions And Projections" to ensure that the first part of our production agenda was that we would not get ripped off.

    So that no one who was part of the production process would have to work without getting paid.  

    And also that no lazy, greedy and sneaky non-contributors would be able to do very little, contribute nothing like donut holders or the "nice job guys" person and score one tiny little bit while great performers who wore any of the many hats that must be worn to create a production got paid for doing the actual hard w*rk.


    I can hold my own fucking donut.

    I don't even LIKE donuts. But if some actors want donuts, and i want to direct those actors, well, I will get 'em donuts.   Just like the flow of events in a linear story from scene to scene, I have to think this through.

    and in an age where mainstream institutions are dying, drowning in their own deplorably unsustainable rape-addicted misogynist shit, I, if I want to see an original tale  all the way from "Eureka!  I've got an awesome idea for a story," to sitting back and enjoying complements, must see to all these details, lest the whole project suddenly hit a logistical snag, which means that production slows and the performers have to stand there and gobble the expensive fucking donuts or mate bars or rainbow sponge cake, whatever they like to snack, while i figure out what I should have, as producer, figured out before hand.


    this is all to keep Tarentino off the set, racebaiting and drugging the actors for sex they didn't want, deplorable pile of nurd turds that he is.  this, and the trained attack dog, are to keep fucking Tarantino and mediocre plainscream mainstream subhuman crap factories like Tarantino the fuck away from our sets and shots.  


    That boring little creep can go back to Dullsville and generate his typical shit.


    I had a dream and it was real.

    I got a text from Meryl Streep and it said #HollywoodNoMore.


    I woke up and turned on the cable

    and it was her, and she meant it, and so did Dame Judi, and Glenn Close, and the great Helen Mirren, and Angela Bassett and whoa! Gwyneth Paltrow would rather sell cosmetical goop and cool taoist energy devices in her catalog than submit to those drooling dunces of artistic indifference and mediocrity.

    Those pigs are done!  Nothing I have said in this essay is senseless or mediocre.

    A new age comes to be because the things of the old age die where they stand and become our fertilizer.

    Or, to quote a wise man,


    "Bullshit makes the flowers grow,

    and that's beautiful."