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    i responded to a letter from someone complaining


    --- In mindcontrolresearchforum@yahoogroups.com, rosegojda@... wrote:

    > in the last half hour 

    > i have had one idiot in his underwear try to come in 
    > another loon knocked on the doors begging for money or rolling papers ?

    > and yet another wants me to make them food 

    > i have been a targeted now for over five years 

    > ST LOUIS COUNTY wants to harass me, why??

    > all of these people have been convicted or have police records?

    > and why am i out of my house fighting to get in to sell it??

    > local media and pols and police don't care??? why?

    > the local and former local media know of my situation and many many many 
    > others - who can get no justice or help or media coverage 

    >image they bear responsibilites just as the local cops do 

    > i fear for my safety my home my assets and pets 

    > how do you get help unless u r rich ???

    > Peace, Hugs, and Purrs, 
    > Carolyn Rose Goyda 
    > Missouri, USA
    > _rosegojda@..._ (mailto:rosegojda@...)





    i tried to respond, but it felt like a waste.   the moderator almost does not participate, and one negative-mentality DUDE ("BobD") dominates the site and insists repeatedly that NOTHING we present is good enough to be evidence. 

    i could see evidence that he was hypnotized every time he denied -- but there's so much evidence that MOST people are hypnotized.  i see this working in Media -- as I see people who attempt to deconstruct major issues behaving with rather crass counter-intellectualism it is obvious that like so many people, they are psychotronically hypnotized...


    i won't even shoot you a dirty look, rose.
    problem is that the people who research this tend to fall into mental traps
    and then --- without displaying much in the way of free will, repeat the same futile actions.

    the REAL perpetrators are the designers of the weapons, not the programs.
    i don't need to be jeanne dixon to see what's really going on.

    "targetted individual" for example or TI is a waste of a term.  because no one individual is targetted more than any OTHER individual.

    logic: notice how long aware victims have been using that term -- which is the abbr. for Texas Instruments, a CHIPMAKER.  And notice how much people who use that term accomplish. At all.

    Flat zero, right?  Because they are playing into Someone's hands...
    there are no "targetted individuals" because the WHOLE WORLD is targetted.

    I'm a filmmaker. Let me, if the machine allows, show you some stills from a project in development to explain just what i mean.
    Image result for haarp line art mockup
    see where HAARP is in this line-art mockup? In Alaska near the Arctic Circle. ( sarah palin thinks she's oh, so clever.)  The High Frequency Active Auroral Research Program USED to be called "Star Wars" or the Strategic Defense Initiative. The GOP fooled everyone into thinking it was a missile shield.

    By manipulating the ionosphere, it is made more opaque.  (they call them "chemtrails" -- the trails behind jets that everyone pretty much sees daily.)

    once the lower atmosphere -- the ionosphere -- is rendered more opaque by manipulation 

    then the H. A. A. R. P. can bounce advanced radio-type signals off of the lower atmosphere. as is shown in the diagram.
    these shallow wavelength beams are falsely termed "extra low". that's to confuse people, relatively their wavelength is actually SHALLOW -- compared to what has been found in nature. stay with me.

    the beams from the HAARP and other ionospheric milimeter and microwave beam emitters bounce off of the lower atmosphere and right back down to the surface of the Earth. Where they penetrate our skulls. 
    Where they also mix - up with radio wave chatter -- that we shouldn't 'hear' unless we are listening directly to the radio.

    What creates synthetic telepathy is more complicated but is still objectively part of science.

    Then you have to learn about behavioral conditioning programs like MK: ULTRA and Operation Paperclip. THEN you start to see that there is a Totalitarian Secret Agenda -- and it is the secret history and the political power plays that conflict with what kids are taught in schools and what comes across on the news that confuses most people -- and in that confusion people tend to get panicky and scared - and lose their grip on the world they thought was real. then you get mental patients, people going to the shrinks and telling them that they hear the news in their fillings (except that they DO)  -- and the other things that the AMA and other globalist medical "teams" greedily lie about and deny about.


    the HAARP was developed and overseen in development by Donald P. Rumsfeld.  he USED Raytheon, Co to create this technology.
    It has many abilities including creating the wavelengths that use the same frequency as cellular telephony to create the brain dampening fields that simulate mind control.
    ultimately no one can control anyone else's mind.  but it seems that way when people aren't using much of their own godgiven free will to begin with.

    someone might say that that's just my opinion. wonder why they'd say that.

    i am sure that some grinch will post up and say that there's no evidence soon.
    i am also sure of other things.
    this graphic is an overt simplification. almost no one has a radar dish in their apartment that they use to attack people in the next house. keep in mind, i say ALMOST no one.

    but what is happening is that brainwave wavelengths are being manipulated to DAMPEN people's auras, the bioelectromagnetic field that comes from all life. 

    every living THING has an aura.  with the fake excuse that the HAARP device is for inspecting the aurora borealis,  Mad Scientist Don Rumsfeld basically used his expertise to create a device for the manipulation of HUMAN AURAS.  another Bill Nye explanation is what you feel when you rub your feet against a shag carpet and then touch your friend and feel a shock. that's ionization.

    that's the way that the human aura works.  and the High Frequency Active AURORAL Research Program is there to "do stuff" to biological human auras.

    Synthetic telepathy works as simply as this:

    each cell phone is a PSI AMPLIFIER.  the cellphones AMPLIFY the brainwaves and auric resonance of the user. But a price is paid -- because up in AK -- and also from the OTHER more powerful ionospheric heaters on the planet come beams of energy that bounce off of the manipulated lower atmosphere.

    I don't have a degree in brain science or anything like that. I simply apply myself to this study.

    also for your info, humans don't have a "reptilian brain" at all. humans are mammals. period.

    reptiles are not mammals. they don't have warm blood, they don't germinate young like we do...people are using the "reptilian brain" theory simply to explain away Nazi behavior -- and to confuse people who are trying to learn more.

    that's not technology. that's psychological operations.

    i guess that the only thing i can leave you with is that the more that i have studied this stuff, the more paranormal psychic phenomena have come in my way.

    almost all of it is just lies. 

    just know it, it's LIES, period.

    no one needs to artifically augment human telepathic potential to TELL THE TRUTH.

    all of this stuff going on the world. Anyone you know thought about George Bush or Dick Cheney lately?  

    Works pretty well, doesn't it.

    i would say limit your cellphone use to as little as possible -- or don't use them at all. Humans existed on this planet for maybe MILLIONS of years without cellular tech. It's not "necessary" at ALL.

    http://www.majhost.com/gallery/cataleptik/psychotronic/whatisit/interferencepattern.jpgi hope you can see these images.
    if not write me and i will send them to you. 
    see how cell phone towers work in tandem with the High Frequency Active Auroral Research Project and other ionospheric heaters? It's not o.k., it undermines human brain potential on purpose.  more than a few people who i have met since i started researching this are dead. suicides.

    maybe don't do it.  maybe drink more spring water and try to cope.

    this last bit is lengthy -- but understand that BEFORE the collapse of the USSR that Russian scientists had been working OVERTIME on perfecting this tech  -- since the 1920s when Vasiliev made breakthoughs which the Bolsheviks IMMEDIATELY told the world were impossible so that they could research in secret. by no means am i suggesting coldwar style paranoia or hatred of russians. just think deeply, take deep breaths, okay?

    But you aren't HALLUCINATING...



    mikal marques haley