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Trump Won't Save Julian Assange - He Has No Honor And Is Just a Puppet.

    ura soul
    Trump Won't Save Julian Assange - He Has No Honor And Is Just a Puppet.

    As Julian Assange disappears into the prison system - some people are expecting Donald Trump to take action.. Afterall, didn't he say he 'loved' Wikileaks during his election? Surely he would do the honorable thing and drop the charges against Assange, like he did for his good friends the big banks (even though he pledged he wouldn't during his election campaign).

    Unfortunately, keeping up promises isn't really something Trump knows how to do. He is a pathological liar and apparently a career conman. You don't need to take my word for it, we could listen to his own biographer and author of the famous book 'about him' - who stated that he had lied for money and never expected it to result in Trump becoming president.. He apologised and sought forgiveness for playing a part in allowing Trump to take the role, which he considered terrifying, given that he knows personally how unreliable and dishonorable Trump is.

    When it comes to Julian Assange, he has backtracked faster than a guy getting caught with a hooker.. Oh, well.. that was him too.. you know what I mean.

    I was going to put together clips of his blatant backtracking but this video from the BBC does a good job:


    So what does it mean when someone who exposes the crimes of 'the swamp' gets arrested and the self proclaimed chief 'swamp drainer' just pretends he doesn't exist? At the very least it means Trump cannot be trusted, is a backstabber and opportunist who has no ethics or honor. This is absolutely no surprise to me though, as I have said all along that he fits the textbook description of a functional psychopath - as do a vast majority of 'politicians'.

    What it absolutely means is that Trump is and never was 'for the people', he is just the latest in a long string of puppet presidents, put in place for the benefits of the financial elite. An actor, pledging to clean up the world, while shitting in every corner possible. Trump is basically owned by the big banks, as made clear by the link at the top of my post here, which demonstrates how he 'pardoned' some of the world's biggest banks who he owed money to. Funny that. I'll leave you with this video of a top bank lawyer describing why the rescued him from bankruptcy - he was 'worth more alive than dead'. It's almost as if Trump is mirroring the actions of the UK parliament in doing illegal deals with banks to protect themselves.


    Wishing you well,

    Ura Soul