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Exploring The Lost Continent of Atlantis!

    ura soul
    Exploring The Lost Continent of Atlantis!

    Perhaps one of the most interesting topics to research for those who seek to understand what humanity has lost on it's long journey into near self destruction is the reflection of the lost continents - Atlantis and Lemuria. Do they exist? Let's check out some evidence...

    Growing up, I was quite skeptical of any 'out there' claims made regarding such things as the possibility of a lost continent. Much like UFOs, I figured that if they were real that by that point we would have had some solid evidence of them. However, I was naive and had no idea of the extent to which information is withheld from public awareness by the people we trust to act in our best interests within government and military groups that might have access to the best info on these topics. It was when I had several close encounters with lightships nearly 20 years ago that I was forced to radically reassess my perceptions!

    Even so, Atlantis is not a topic I would have focused into a great deal if it weren't for the subject coming up in some of the sources I have learned to be trustworthy that I use for consciousness expansion and healing. It has been made clear to me that Atlantis and Lemuria both existed a long time ago (by our standards) and were both destroyed due to a lack of understanding regarding balance within the beings involved. Aside from the obvious general interest in the possibility of lost continents, we would be wise to pay attention since we humans have tendency to repeat history and it seems that many are trying to recreate the technology and control oriented society of Atlantis. In truth, the modern American society is not too different in key ways to how Atlantis has been described to me. It would be wise to take steps not to recreate Atlantis, afterall - how many times can you escape a sinking continent before people on the other continents just won't let you in? ;)

    Evidence for Atlantis

    I have heard many people making many claims as to where they think Atlantis is. Many of them are nonsensical - but thankfully, I am pretty clear about where it was and indeed, partially still is. Understandably, it was in the Atlantic Ocean - running south west to north east, between Cuba and Britain. The land mass was quite large and would rightfully be called a continent of various islands.

    Examining the evidence for Atlantis today opens up it's own rabbit hole of mystery, since we need to use some unusual methods in order to examine both what is at the bottom of the ocean and how it came to be there.

    The first evidence that I encountered was of claims coming from various sources of underwater pyramids and 'sphynxes' being found off the coat of Cuba. It was alleged that various military submarines had been there and special forces had entered to retrieve any technology that may have survived there. I'm not going to attempt to provide evidence for that since the secrecy involved is obviously high. However, we do have apparent scan data from the area from a private company who were the topic of some TV shows.

    Two scientists, Paul Weinzweig and Pauline Zalitzki, are said to be the source for the images you can see of structures here. Various large pyramids and multi-levelled structures can be seen - certainly being reminiscent of the kinds of structures we see in South America from past civilisations. You can see more on this in the following video:


    The next evidence I came across was from Google Earth's ocean data. I and others noticed that there is a grid formation and other shapes visible in the Atlantic which appear to indicate some kind of deliberate, possibly human made structures. At the time I first saw this it was interesting, but I had no way to really know what they were made by. However, the Farsight Institute - a psychic remote viewing group - have now put out the results of their sessions specifically tasked with identifying what the grid of lines on the bottom of the ocean is. They also examined a grid of dots on the bottom of the ocean near the arctic.

    As it turns out, Google responding to the interest in the grid lines by announcing that they had 'fixed' the data for the ocean layer and so now these lines are much harder to see - however they are still visible. As Courtney Brown from the Farsight Institute explains in the following video - Google's explanation that these lines are caused by a mapping error does not stand up to examination. In any case, the lines are still fully visible in the USGS ocean floor mapping layer - which uses different source data to Google's version as I understand:

    atlantis grid

    As you will see in the following Farsight investigation, they were able to get quite thorough data on these lines that show them to be an outline of a lost City. They also describe something of the Atlantis culture from before the cataclysmic destruction of the continent:


    Clearly it is not a simple thing to prove or disprove the presence of Atlantis, however, I am personally content that it existed. In the course of my research into past lives and working with a variety of other people, I have also encountered some who clearly recall past lives on Atlantis - which I personally value and do not deny!

    What do you think? Is there any good evidence for Atlantis that I have missed?

    Wishing you well,

    Ura Soul