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The Super Human Lessons Drawn From Poisoned Food In Our Supermarkets & Poisoned Berries on Our Trees.

    ura soul
    The Super Human Lessons Drawn From Poisoned Food In Our Supermarkets & Poisoned Berries on Our Trees.

    There are poisons in nature and there are poisons in supermarkets - do you think there is a causal origin to both of these patterns that is shared? Let's take a look...

    Many humans like to whitewash their version of reality so that it looks better than it really is. This has led to a situation where children are born to parents who think that the food in supermarkets is 'safe' and that natural food sources are 'dangerous'...

    it's possible to eat poison berries, so why wouldn't I eat from a supermarket instead? duhhh..

    The sad fact, though, is that objectively and measurably, natural food - when used intelligently - tends to work in harmony with the body's needs, whereas the majority of food products produced by industrial processes and stocked in food shops do not. In fact, as numerous documentaries and studies have shown, not only are your chances of death and serious illness much higher as a result of consuming a diet of this alleged 'food', but there often isn't really much nutrition or 'food' in them at all.

    What I want to highlight here is that there is a repeating pattern:

    • Food that humans might want to eat could be poisoned, whether it is stumbled upon in a forest or if it is found in a supermarket.
    • In both cases, the food will look appetising and have no warning of toxicity.

    How does this happen?

    There are a few possible viewpoints that could be latched onto in relation to this question. Some might say that poisoned berries are a way for plants to protect themselves against being eaten. I could say in response to that, that many plants get along just fine without poisonous berries. Some might say that toxic food products are just the result of greed in the food industry, except that people will surely pay more for food that builds their health than they will for food that takes it away (provided they understand the situation).

    My understanding is that the universe is a oneness. This means that while there are many different beings and forms of life, there is ultimately a singular essence/being involved that IS all of it/us. So from that perspective, 'we' are experiencing ourselves being threatened by parts of ourselves in the form of 'food'. We are deceiving ourselves metaphysically and physically via unconscious processes that most deny.

    It's simple to understand how toxic food is a case of some humans deceiving others, but there are complexities even there. If I want to optimise my power and I think I can do that by having more money - I could conclude that deceiving lots of people is a good way to do that. However, then I run the risk of making many enemies and a lot of my power will have to be used to protect me from my fears. So that's not really optimal. However, if those people are BOTH deceiving their 'customers' AND deceiving THEMSELVES (aka denial), then they get rich and don't have to worry about anything. If they are caught, then they can just plead ignorance - no problem.

    So there is a pattern here of denial and denied intentions. The intention to survive by 'getting rich' has been warped by denials and heartlessness that 'fail to notice' important details (like large percentages of the customers die as a result of eating the products over time). This is actually the kindest possibility here, since the worse options include that the people creating these products are serial killers.

    What can we learn about the presence of poison berries from the situation with industrial food production?

    What if 'the energy that creates worlds' has created this world with a similar presence of heartlessness and denial? What if the origin of so many things that harm us on Earth lie within a similar pattern of denied intentions and 'convenient' half truths? What if recognising these patterns can save us?

    I feel this to be the case and I feel we are being called to heal this now.

    Nature is not a 'cruel mistress'. Nature is extremely injured and out of balance. In fact, a few poisoned berries are a light challenge for us to be faced with, considering the harm that we and others have done to our nature(s).

    The more we bring into conscious awareness from our own unconscious, the more we recognise in our world as being reflective of our own state of being. This then gives us a way to attune to our physical reality constructs in a way that allows us to change them.

    Am I speaking of superhuman ability? Absolutely!

    Wishing you well,

    Ura Soul