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how private do you prefer the activity page to be?

    ura soul

    presently the activity page shows most of the site activity (while respecting privacy settings of individual items. an alternative approach would be to do what many other social networks are doing and only allow the activity stream to be visible by co-creators and of the community and also to only show the activity of our friends and of our own items - rather than being able to see the activity of all members of the community.

    this is ultimately a decision between being more open open or more closed in general within the community. i have preferred the open approach since that way all co-creators can get a sense of what is occurring in the community, beyond their collection of friends. however, many other sites take the more closed approach, which while offering some additional privacy, feels to me too much like a re-creation of the segregated world that we experience in towns and cities, where we are cut off from each other artificially - which is not so great within a community!

    if you have any comments on this then let me know in this thread.

    plus, as always, you are invited to offer any other feedback and feature requests for the website here in this zone too.