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Integration of Steem Into Ureka.org Is Going Well :)

    ura soul
    Integration of Steem Into Ureka.org Is Going Well :)

    I have been really hard at work for the last few weeks, integrating the Steem blockchain into the social network I run called Ureka.org: Earth Heart Community. I now have a functional Steem Dapp running over here - with ability to post to Steem, reply and vote on posts/comments. :)

    Since Ureka is it's own social network, complete with groups and numerous other features - it stands to become a powerful Steem site once this integration process is completed. I still have a way to go - but the foundation is in place. At this point I can describe Ureka as a combination of: Facebook, Pinterest, Steem & Wikipedia in one! I may even add video features in a similar way to DTube at some point too.

    I have deliberately waited before carrying out this work so that I could learn more about Steem and cryptocurrency in general, plus so that Steem's community features and SMTs are nearer to launch. I am not clear on when these new Steem features will be launched, but I am deliberately leaving the design of the integration of Steem as open as possible, so as to make any changes that come to Steem in the future as easy as possible to handle when the time comes.

    As yet, there's no overview video or FAQ for Steem on Ureka, those will come soon. For now, if you'd like to drop in and say hello, you are welcome. You just need to create an account as you would on other social sites and then authorise your Steem account via SteemConnect so that you can crosspost and vote to Steem. Steem Keychain support is coming soon.

    Since Ureka has it's own community and database, posts are saved to Ureka's server, but if you elect to crosspost them to Steem, then that thread/blog/thought becomes synced to Steem and Steem's data takes priority. It is also possible to unsync a thread if you want to. No beneficiary charges are set through Ureka currently, so it's free to use. I'm really looking for some feedback and testing currently. No money moves through Ureka whatsoever, all Ureka has access to is an authorisation token via Steemconnect to allow posting and voting. You can cancel that authorisation at any time in Ureka or via SteemConnect directly.

    I'm looking forward to getting some useful feedback. Let me know your thoughts..

    Wishing you well,

    Ura soul