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Got Questions for the 'Extinction Rebellion' Organisers? Give them to Danny Shine.

    ura soul
    Got Questions for the 'Extinction Rebellion' Organisers? Give them to Danny Shine.

    My friend Danny Shine (@dannyshine on steem) is due to interview an organise of 'extinction rebellion' soon. He is asking for questions to be posed - let him know in the Youtube comments for the following video:


    I haven't dug too deeply into extinction rebellion, but from what I've seen there seems to be a disagreement between protesters and 'the establishment' about what is being done and what could be done. This gap of consciousness and disagreement is obviously a wide one and effects many areas of life. Maybe the better areas of questioning focus into the hearts of those involved and the 'economics', since that is the main area I have seen the government thinkers refer to. There appears to be a message of 'yes, we know the environment is important - but we must focus on making money'..

    Maybe a good question would be: "since there is such a misalignment of intentions between the empire building, competitive, money obsessives and those who seek to live in harmony with the Earth, it makes sense to demonstrate why the economics of the world need to be adjusted to take the Earth's needs and balance into full consideration. this means focusing on adopting ways of living that work for the Earth, rather than just making small compromises while continuing to burn out the Earth's surface as fast as possible. What particular model of living does he recommend with regards to societal organisation and how does it compare to, for example, Michael Tellinger's Ubuntu model that is being used in towns in Africa and South America?"

    Wishing you well,

    Ura Soul