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Remote Viewing BASHAR! The Channelled Entity Is Remote Viewed Here By The Farsight Institute. ET or Not?

    ura soul
    Remote Viewing BASHAR! The Channelled Entity Is Remote Viewed Here By The Farsight Institute. ET or Not?

    For those who are unaware, Bashar is the name given to a channelled 'ET' consciousness that has been expressing through numerous humans for decades. The most famous of these is Daryl Ankar (bashar.org). The Farsight Institute are a remote viewing group who use military derived psychic remote viewing techniques to gather information about targets and in this session they remote viewed Bashar - how EXCITING! :)

    I have listened, previously, to over 500 hours of Bashar material - much of their back catalogue (though not the most recent material). I have only found one other source of information that I can hold up as being similarly intelligent and interesting. Having had some close encounters in physicality and having already learned some of truths shared via Bashar, I was very open to hearing what they have to say. Bashar, identify as a collective consciousness - a combined 'race' of ETs (collective presence) that can channel through humans and allow the human to speak their thoughts to audiences in two directions. They have shared insights on a huge number of topics and while I find them exciting, at times insightful and generally entertaining - I also found there to be contradictions and denials involved.

    In these sessions, 3 remote viewers connect to Darryl Ankar and Bashar to see what they can learn. They do this blindly, not knowing the target in advance - they only have a code number that acts as a signal to connect their consciousness to the target via non local hyperspace (for want of a better term). They all experienced similar things, including the anxiety and mixed up emotional state Daryl experiences when channelling - they also all connected in realtime to Bashar, the entity and had communication!

    In general, they described Bashar as being female - which I can understand since being balanced would, to our male dominated mind, be perceived as more feminine than we usually think of even our females as being. The mother energy is largely missing from humans currently and Bashar have stated themselves to be a hybrid race of Ets/Humans from our own future, speaking back to us - having developed the ability to do so. In that sense, we are like their parents but they are fully grown and we don't even know they exist. It's quite a complicated topic to understand.

    In the first channelling session, some kind of military/CIA connection was highlighted and I find this important as I have felt it and observed it too. The channellers don't go into much detail on that here - however, they do not conclude that Darryl Ankar or Bashar are a 'psy-op', in fact, they concur that Bashar is a real entity that Darryl is channelling.

    The channellers all pick up on the emotional and psychological challenges Darryl faces being in his position in this life. I found this to be helpful in understanding why he is as he is.

    This is a must watch for anyone into these subjects.


    Wishing you well,

    Ura soul