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This Universe is Made of Soul - Know This To Find A Great Power & Discover Synchronicity

    ura soul
    This Universe is Made of Soul - Know This To Find A Great Power & Discover Synchronicity

    While science minds grapple with equations and attempt to smash things into ever tinier things to discern fact from fiction - there has always been a more direct route to knowing what 'this' all is. Direct perception and direct cognition provide the doorway into comprehending our essential state and that of this creation known as 'the universe' - I will explain...

    As long as we believe in a purely materialistic model of life, whereby things can be explained purely by their physics properties, chemistry and biological processes - in other words, their form - we are likely to rule out a wide variety of possibilities that many people say that they have actually experienced. This has led to numerous closed minds declaring that experiences such as psychic ability and meaningful synchronicities are either hoaxes or outright lies. I am someone who values the scientific method, but I am also someone who uses logic A LOT. To me, it has always (since I was a small child) been illogical to claim that you can know everything about life from measuring it using machines. Even if your machines can go down to the sub atomic level, that does not mean that you know how you came to be in the privileged position to even have such machines and have anything to measure in the first place. I have always been open to the unknown and allowed it to knock on my door.

    In remaining open to the unknown and not closing it off with my own definitions, I unwittingly allowed myself to directly learn very important truth about life which I could not have learned otherwise. Consider this - if 'the universe' were entirely 'made' from the same 'stuff' that our own thoughts and emotions emanate from - so, in other words, if our own body were totally interconnected to all other bodies in the universe as a singular, whole.. then wouldn't it be possible that the definitions we hold would determine what actually occurs within matter? If I can effect the state of my body by changing my mind, doesn't it make sense that it is possible to maybe change other bodies and my interaction with them through also changing my mind? If you determine that your mind stops where your physical body cells stop, then how this might work is not immediately clear - but if you recognise that a human body can be thought of as a 'clump' of the 'stuff' that everything else is made out of, then it can become more clear how psi ability and various other 'controversial' phenomena can manifest in our lives.

    If you are a living soul, living life and life is basically 'everything that exists in the universe' - then the patterns you embody may directly influence what you are able to experience in life. If you think 'my hand over there', then you can move your hand over there and if you really believe and feel that 'anything is possible' then maybe the 'things' in the universe are that much more free to move as a result.

    As it turns out, this is true in my reality and I have learned that the more I release limiting belief systems and focus on the reality of meaningful synchronicity - the more it tends to build in my life to the point where it cannot be denied and others notice too. I am well aware of the idea that if you look for patterns you are more likely to find them, however, when events in life that are HIGHLY improbably occur at EXACTLY the right time to either give you a profound understanding or some other great gift - then you must take notice. If this happens regularly and builds the more you focus on it and allow it - you cannot ignore it. While you may initially think that you are 'insane' for thinking such things, it eventually reaches the point where you have to admit that you would be insane to try to deny the power of what is occuring.

    Clearly this is a huge topic, but the essence of what I want to share here is that 'the universe' is living and intelligent. Not just 'intelligent design', but that the universe itself is intelligence - living sentience that you can interact with while being human and 'use' in practical ways simply by changing your thoughts and emotions. Every little thought you have that claims this isn't possible will be having an effect that makes this situation more difficult to detect and prove to yourself. This does not mean that you 'must believe' what is being said here in order to experience it - but it does mean that you really need to remove all limiting beliefs that say it is not possible. Neutrality and curiosity, combined with open receptivity and imagination are enough to point you in the right direction.

    I can hear the 'rational' thinkers here declaring that such ideas are wishful thinking of an imbecile or mentally ill person. Oh well, it's a shame that such limiting thinking cages otherwise intelligent people, but since they seem to like their cages so much - I guess they'll just have to stay in there a while longer ;)

    Wishing you well,

    Ura Soul