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How 'Selfless Service to Others' Is Actually Creating The Opposite of Spiritual Greatness.

    ura soul
    How 'Selfless Service to Others' Is Actually Creating The Opposite of Spiritual Greatness.

    I see online that it is common in spiritual groups for people to divide people and behaviours into two categories 'service to self' and 'service to others'. The claim is often that 'service to others' is divine and 'service to self' is bad/wrong/evil. I am going to explain here, why this is an error and why there are more options available...

    First of all, you may not be able to grasp what I am saying here if you do not feel into it as our own will expresses as feelings and this topic is very much one of finding balance in regards to free will.

    For many people, the idea of 'pure service to others' is automatically an unpleasant one, since it very much sounds like slavery and that is because, in essence, it either leads to situations close to slavery of one form or another or actually is slavery. The image of a spiritual person becoming 'selfless', such that the needs of self are denied (often in favour of allegedly acting out 'what god wants') is one that 'sounds' 'good' to those who seek to perhaps 'make up' for what their guilt is telling them makes them unworthy of acceptance. In other words, if you believe either consciously or unconsciously that you aren't 'good enough', then you are likely to be looking to find ways to balance that - but you cannot do that through self denial.

    On the other end of the spectrum, a person who is totally focused into their own desires/needs/reality, with no attention given to any others - is also out of balance. The issue here is that we need to be open enough to work with and interact with others, while not over-riding anyone - including us - in the process. We each have needs that cannot be met by anyone else, so if we literally become 'selfless', we will definitely have needs that aren't being met at all, leading eventually to us suffering, falling apart and being unable to 'serve' anyone else anyway.

    The truly twisted part to this situation is that the 'service to others' people are actually feeding the opposite end of the polarity that they so dislike! When these people have looked at those who appear to be extremely selfish and thought "I don't want to be that way, how horrible.", they go too far and decide that the must be the opposite. In doing so, they end up denying their own power and guess who is all too happy to take it and use it - exactly, yes - the extreme 'service to self' people. So through self denial, the 'good' people are actually empowering the 'bad' people to continue as they are.

    What connects together the intentions of the 'service to self' and 'selfless service to others' people here is that they both intend to deny right use of free will - with the former intending to take it and use it from others and the latter intending to not take responsibility for their own and to also have others dependent on them, leading those others to also fail to take responsibility for themselves and their own power.

    Only when we live through the heart and intend to neither overpower others or ourselves, can we find true balance in relationships and in life in general. I call this 'Service to All' and it is the foundation behind the principles of this social network - ureka.org.

    Wishing you well,

    Ura Soul