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conspiracy - "a secret plan by a group to do something unlawful or harmful." reality - "possessing actuality, existence, or essence." theory - "an idea used to explain a course of actions." conspiracies are created daily and by their nature are obscured by denial, half truth, deception and subterfuge. here we explore the details of conspiracy theory, conspiracy reality and all that may exist in between!
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The Banks are Predatory - No Better Than a Mafia Gambling Cartel. Communism & Capitalism Polarise, Divide & Weaken People.

    ura soul
    The Banks are Predatory - No Better Than a Mafia Gambling Cartel. Communism & Capitalism Polarise, Divide & Weaken People.

    The gambling industry can only survive as long as it's 'customers' don't win overall against it and since the industry still exists, we can see how they have set up their system to protect themselves and 'always win'. Through careful image management and marketing, the gambling industry has tried to give the impression that it is 'just another business' 'bringing joy to the world' that isn't actively seeking to extract money from people via exploitation. Differences in perception about what the banking system is claimed to do and what the gambling industry does, have made it seem that the banking system is somehow more trustworthy than the gambling industry - since to those who have not studied the banking system it is often thought that 'at least the banks provide a service that includes safety'.

    The reality here, though, is that many of the banks (and perhaps all of them) are involved in various degrees of exploitation and abuse of their customers. While gambling operators rely on manipulation of odds and the habitual behaviour of desperate people - banks rely on very much the same thing. A key difference between banks and gambling operators, however, is that people rely on bank accounts to be able to live in economically controlled societies and they find it difficult to stop using banks - while gambling is generally more optional. Given this dependency on banks, any corruption and exploitation they are involved with is particularly disturbing - akin to a child abuser working in a school, for example. If you are in need of survival help and the ones you go to for help are exploiting you covertly, then it is like a lamb going to a wolf for protection (or to a farmer that will ultimately put a bolt through their head for profit).

    So what is it that has me so adamant about the evil of the banking system and it's operators?

    I have made several posts previously, exposing aspects of the banking and financial systems that are clearly designed to be exploitative and out of balance. A system that is in everyone's best interest would not be charging 'interest' on money that is alleged to be loaned but which was created out of thin air (and thus couldn't technically be loaned in the first place) and when there isn't enough money in existence for all of the interest to be repaid. Significant numbers of people are now working through courts to expose the situation in Britain (cancelling a wide variety of mortgages in the process) and we may soon see more mainstream acceptance of the massive criminality involved.

    Here's the real kicker for me:

    Not only do the banks arrange criminal mortgages and fake debts for anyone and everyone - leading to massive imbalance, disempowerment and the huge wealth gap we see on Earth.. They are also involved in effecting governmental policy behind the scenes due to corrupt deals done with MPs and others that ultimately end up with life becoming harder and harder for everyone - leading to even less chance of paying alleged debts back. The more than 'lenders' can 'loan' money to people that doesn't exist, the more assets they can 'launder' that fake money into when their 'customers' are unable to pay the money back and the assets are seized. If you want to 'seize the means of production' in a communist stylee, then what better way to do it than through 'legal commerce' and banking?

    If a company takes out an alleged loan to buy factory equipment and then cannot pay it back because the system is rigged, then the banks end up controlling that factory's assets and ultimately have now taken 'the means of production' without hardly doing anything at all. Why is THIS not an outrageous event yet? Why is THIS not something that causes survival instincts to kick in, the way that they have done in the past in response to communist ideals and attempts to seize the wealth of the planet?

    I suspect that the answer here lies somewhere between the way that average people are invested in the banks (and rely on them) and the fact that the banks represent capitalism which is the chosen ideology of many people, which they trust (and have been programmed to be in acceptance of as a way to polarise away from communism - which is seen as an opposition). This 'dialectic' appears to me to be VERY much engineered for the purpose of controlling people and having us all fighting against each other. I strongly suspect that we cannot solve our problems until we learn to see through the massive control mechanism being played out unlovingly on Earth. If you are triggered here, consider the way your hopes and dreams are being used against you - regardless of whether you are in favour of capitalism OR communism. 

    The idea that these issues are just the result of government, is a dishonest and denial based assessment. The individuals within the governments that are involved in this unloving system are also very much involved with running and participating with the largest corporations and banks too - so without government, despite government's own evils and imbalances, it is possible that the situation would be even worse. This is not to say that government is beneficial overall - just that the situation of power imbalance is so massive currently, that anything that 'could' protect outright and total enslavement due to some levels of transparency within it and some oversight from 'the public' is better than none at all - which is what you would have if the wealthiest were left to their own devices.

    I feel that there really is no solution here, other than for us all to understand the mechanics and benefits of real balance - to allow us all to then make the changes in life that lead to the creation of that balance. In terms of trade and commerce, this means being as self sufficient as possible, so as to not give power away to pyramid structured corporations and governments.

    Wishing you well

    Ura Soul