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How To Easily Find the Key of a Song

    ura soul
    How To Easily Find the Key of a Song

    Wow - In the process of producing and writing music, without having a music education background, I have found several things to be overly complex.. Finding the key of the song WAS one.. But now not so much thanks to a great video. :)

    The key of a song is essentially the overriding frequency/note that a song matches up with. The scales and chords of the song might move around the sound spectrum, but they usually do tend to be centered on a specific and identifiable note - which is the key. Until I watched the following video, I thought of the key as being something much more obscure and requiring a great deal of musical knowledge to get to grips with - but that isn't exactly true. Sure, the more you know about scales and musical systems/rules, the easier it will be to get the key, but the method shared here is still a great tip even for beginners.

    The short answer is:

    • Listen to the song
    • Hum! Get your brain to hum the note that best represents the song. Typically, you will tune in quite easily to the actual key of the song - with no mental analysis at all.
    • Find the note you are humming on a keyboard. You now know the key note.
    • As he says in the video, most songs tend to be written in a Minor key, so that's usually a good starting point - but in any case, once you know the key note, you have dramatically reduced the amount of possible keys that the song could be written in.


    Wishing you well,

    Ura Soul