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Remote Viewing the Barney & Betty Hill Et Abduction (Farsight Institute)

    ura soul
    Remote Viewing the Barney & Betty Hill Et Abduction (Farsight Institute)

    _There have been many cases of alleged ET abduction throughout history, with the numbers dramatically increasing over the last 80 years or so. The Betty and Barney hill case from 1961 is a famous one that has now been remote viewed by the increasingly well known Farsight Institute._

    It is understandable, given the relative rarity of people remembering ET abductions, that most people either do not know if they are real or have made blanket judgements that they are not real. However, having had my own close encounters and having researched this topic for many years, I am fairly clear that these interactions ARE taking place and at a level significantly higher than most people would be comfortable with. The exact reasons for this happening are not 100% clear to me, however, a repeated theme comes up of certain groups of ET beings wanting to perform genetic engineering and needing to take DNA and sperm/eggs from humans on Earth. Generally, the purpose of these interactions appears to revolve around breeding programs.

    The Farsight institute has recently published 3 video sessions of remote viewing the Barney & Betty Hill event - with all of the viewers reporting essentially the same events. The couple were driving down a road and were confronted by a bright light coming from a ship that was hovering above them. They got out of the care to see what was going on and either teleported or walked onto the ship. The ship then left the area and while Barney was interrogated in some way, Betty was interacted with in a sexual way - possibly to extract or implant eggs or a fetus. Both of them were caused to be unconscious through part of the process. They were then returned to Earth later, having had their memory wiped.

    According to wikipedia, they later went on to have hypnotic regression and Betty had a series of dreams of the events too. The version of events that they told was really very similar to what the remote viewers saw in these sessions.


    Wishing you well,

    Ura Soul