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conspiracy - "a secret plan by a group to do something unlawful or harmful." reality - "possessing actuality, existence, or essence." theory - "an idea used to explain a course of actions." conspiracies are created daily and by their nature are obscured by denial, half truth, deception and subterfuge. here we explore the details of conspiracy theory, conspiracy reality and all that may exist in between!
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"Mind Controlled Weapons Are Here" - 'The Matrix' & 'The Terminator' Were Documentaries. You Are Going To be Forced To Choose Very Soon If You Want To Live. Hopi Prophecy.

    ura soul
    "Mind Controlled Weapons Are Here" - 'The Matrix' & 'The Terminator' Were Documentaries. You Are Going To be Forced To Choose Very Soon If You Want To Live. Hopi Prophecy.

    For those paying attention, the plotlines to the movies 'The Terminator' and even 'The Matrix', while seeming to be 'set in the future' or another reality are particularly accurate representations of the result of the kind of heartless and emotionless thinking being perpetrated on Earth by many at this time.

    The evidence and denial of it is all around. From Elon Musk stating that AI is the biggest threat to humanity, while simultaneously stating that he his heavily invested in BUILDING AI - to the reality of Skynet (the name of both the satellite network in the movie 'Terminator' that led to the destruction of humanity and also a REAL satellite network used for military purposes.); we have some serious red flags to consider here. It seems every day I come across another example of this evil transformation taking place - such as this piece explaining how terminator like, self replicating robots are 'just around the corner'.

    The latest mainstream news piece I read on this is from Fox News entitled The governmment is serious about creating mind controlled weapons They describe in there, a design for weapons that respond to thoughts of people and swarms of drones. The result would be pretty much EXACTLY like the drone armies in the Matrix, hunting down those who intend freedom from enslavement. Of course, the government AGENTS will claim they are acting to protect 'freedom', but in reality what they really mean is that they are trying to control as much as possible so that it conforms to what THEY say is 'the right way to live'. Given the examples of the outcomes of their decisions and thinking, going back hundreds of years, it is abundantly clear that their version of freedom is actually more like 'Kill large numbers of people who think differently from us and do everything possible to stifle free will'.

    Their actions are based in FEAR, yet they posture as if they are STRONG. This imbalanced spiritual state is extremely perilous and leads to most of the denial laden, illogical beliefs - presented as being 'the best beliefs' - that we have become so used to coming from the mouths of 'politicians' and military people for so long.


    Does any of this come as a surprise? Look at the word 'apocalypse' - it means 'Revealing'. The apocalypse IS upon us and has been for some time - it is the process of rapidly exposing and learning about what has been denied for so long by so many. It is becoming abundantly clear how so many alleged 'heroes' are actually acting out of hate, denial and heartlessness. It is becoming clear also, how so many who claim to be protectors are actually enslaving the hearts, minds and souls of the people - destroying the planet along the way. They do not seek life, which is why they so heavily invest in causing death.

    Of the many prophecies that point to this time, many of them describe a bifurcation of humanity. Those who survive will take one path and those who perish will take another. The message is simple - think with your heart and survive. Think only with your head and you will perish. You can see this on the Hopi prophecy stone, for example:

    Hopi Prophecy rock explained

    5G, AI and Why They Are a Slippery Slope

    The reality of all of this pervasive and 'new' technology is that we are being forced to not only accept them, but somehow adapt to them at a pace that we do not necessarily agree with. Furthermore, many of us simply do not want to live on a planet run by AI and where 5G signals bounce around literally everywhere. Even if we set these issues aside, we are left with the reality that elements of society are quite 'happy' to create a world where the systems that THEY control have far more power than most humans appear to have. They like this, of course, because they intend domination. Those who go along with them will be dominated. Those who go their own way, living from the heart - may find that they survive and grow as a result.

    The more we rely on these machines to think and act for us, the more we lose our own faculties and eventually we will not only be dependent on them, but we will lose the will to live completely. Our own will needs to move, express and feel - which are all likely to be much more limited in a world where non empathic logic created in computers decides what is and isn't 'appropriate' for us.

    It is tempting to sit back and just admire the 'ingenuity' of the machinery and flashing lights as we compete to have 'the best' phone or whatever other device is being pushed on us - but the reality is that we will never even come close to our own true potential greatness as long as we allow our own true nature to be abdicated to machines.

    Wishing you well,

    Ura Soul