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Your Power Is The Most Valuable Commodity: Healing Our 'Inner Politicians' And The Epidemic of Heartlessness.

    ura soul
    Your Power Is The Most Valuable Commodity: Healing Our 'Inner Politicians' And The Epidemic of Heartlessness.

    Despite generations of us watching 'politicians' lying through their teeth over and over again to gain power and manipulate pretty much everyone else - there are still some residual belief systems in some of us that want to deny the reality because the truth is thought to be so terrible that it cannot be faced. The reality here, though, is that we can only improve reality when we know exactly what we are dealing with. By finding and healing our own 'inner politician' we open doors to change that once seemed impossible, both on the personal and the collective level.

    Anyone who has put any serious time into researching the level of deception involved in politics and society will be able to list off many examples of hugely serious crimes being committed by politicians, which were merely hand waved away at the time and which even today continue to be denied by many. There are several reasons for this, but one of the most important is both disturbing and empowering in equal measures...

    The reality here is that we tend to either not recognise or 'conveniently block out' behaviours in others that we ourselves are involved in and which we deny. Just as it is often not possible for someone to recognise a trait in someone else that they themselves lack, it is also difficult for people to see in others the problems that they themselves also have. For example, if someone is particularly empathic, able to feel the feelings of others, it is impossible for someone else to identify and understand that in them unless they themselves also have that ability. If they are informed of the empathic ability in someone else, they will not really understand or relate to it until they find it in themselves and allow it into their own consciousness and acceptance. Equally, if someone is a habitual liar, then they will often either not consciously recognise when other people are also habitual liars or they will notice but not flag it up as a problem. In some cases we might go the other way too and become incensed that someone is the way that they are, without acknowledging that we ourselves embody EXACTLY the same behaviour as the one in the person who is enraging us.

    As long as we deny our own patterns and gloss over the truth in order to 'seem' 'nicer'/happier/more balanced than we actually are, we open to the door to all manner of dysfunction internally and in our lives. When this itself has reached epidemic proportion (which it has), then we effectively live in a planetary scale insane asylum. How can we ever reach the truth when we deny so much and spend so much time pinning the blame on others who may either be denying things themselves or may even be innocent entirely? We cannot.

    The good news is that by recognising what is really going on, we can become hugely empowered.

    There is a light at the end of the tunnel.. and it is us.

    There is a reason why people are called 'bright' and 'enlightened' - which is that our own light is also understanding and consciousness. We cannot be fully ourselves as long as parts of us are held outside of loving self acceptance. As soon as we feel rejected/denied and lost, we are likely to believe we need to cover up the truth and to lie too. This process is a never ending destructive spiral that needs to be reversed if we are to heal and have balance in life.

    The 'political' mind is ultimately one that creates tactics for dealing with it's problems with polarity - it becomes a polarity tactician. What I mean by this is that when we define things as either 'good' or 'bad', we inevitably end up finding that parts of us are being defined as 'bad' and since we tend to lack the understandings needed to bring balance in a loving way, we tend to devise strategies and tactics to 'make things look better'. In the world of corporations and government this process is called 'public relations management' and inside individuals we might call this just plane old dishonesty.

    The more we are willing to identify where we ourselves have fallen foul of political thinking/logic, the more we can start to live in total truth, can truly feel good and can make beneficial change in life. This means unconditionally accepting all of our own real feelings and what is really happening inside of us and in our lives, instead of fabricating images designed to misrepresent the truth and to deflect attention away from what we are really doing.

    I said a long time ago that "if politics were really intended to solve problems, the problems would have been solved long ago". Political logic is not intended to solve problems, no matter how many times you are lied to with claims that say otherwise. Political logic is part of a power game/struggle that can only exist as long as there is some chance of us giving our power away to the people involved. As long as there is some chance of someone being given some of your power, there will be people who will plot out and scheme for a very long time, ways for them to be on the receiving end of it.

    Your power is perhaps the most valued commodity on the planet

    Given the extent of the deception and denial, we need to look closely at the complex and disgusting ways that large numbers of 'us' have been working for a long time to underhandedly take power from others. It is no accident that repeated US government administrations, including the current one, have taken almost every step possible to appear to be 'pro people' on one hand, while on the other hand doing everything possible to take power from the people they claim to be supporting.

    It is now illegal in some parts of America to collect rainwater on your own land, yet people in some parts have polluted water due to the corruption of their 'representatives'. Those who stand up to this obvious injustice often face state sponsored violence and even ridicule! How did we end up here?

    Again, this is about mind control, deception and heartlessness dressed up as 'friendliness' and 'caring'.

    Do you really think it is random chance that the politicians in America are mostly very wealthy people? Do you really think they got there by just being 'great business people'? If you do, then you need to suspect your own involvement in the causation of the world's problems is far greater than you have thought.

    Every time a government makes a policy that limits personal freedom, that is the result of the denial of many other people who allow it to happen. Every time you lie, even white lies, you are increasing denial and adding to the situation of political control, violence and even genocide. I appreciate that this might seem a stretch to you, but it is the truth. There can be no genocide without a previous process of power building, where a minority or even a single individual are able to control an army of others. There can be no such building of a power pyramid without those who are building the pyramid having the denials of many other people to work with. Empowered people do not participate in power pyramids or take orders from others, period.

    Just as a 'great leader' does not bootlick to other people, we all need to step into that 'best version' of ourselves who also refuses to bootlick or take orders. We also need to awaken to deeply felt and understood compassion so that we can live in balance at the same time. This means shifting into a more heart centred and heart aware state of being, where thought and emotion are able to bond harmoniously in us in ways that feel empowering. This can only occur when we get real and end all of our denials. You won't be a great being while stuck using 'positive thinking' that denies the truth of what is really going on in your life.

    Wishing you well,

    Ura Soul