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The Whistleblowers (Series) #38: US Counter Intelligence At Area 51, ETs, Reverse Engineered UFOs & More - Richard Doty

    ura soul
    The Whistleblowers (Series) #38:  US Counter Intelligence At Area 51, ETs, Reverse Engineered UFOs & More - Richard Doty

    Richard Doty was a Special Agent for Counter-Intelligence for the Air Force Office of Special Investigations (AFOSI). For over eight years, he was specifically tasked with the UFO/Extraterrestrial issue at Kirkland Air Force Base in New Mexico and also at Nellis Air Force Base (also called Area 51) and at other locations. In July of 2016, Dr. Greer (of the Sirius disclosure project) met Richard Doty in Albuquerque, New Mexico for an explosive and revealing two-hour interview where Doty confirmed the existence of a False Flag operation involving UFOs, the corruption of the media, the U.S. government's responsibility for civilian injuries in the famous Cash-Landrum UFO case, and much more.

    Introduction: Why we MUST know the extent of the lies the governments and military have been telling us for decades

    As someone who has had several close encounters with apparently ET vehicles, way back before there was a useful internet and before I had heard any of the whistleblowers give testimony from military operations about ET vehicle retrievals, reverse engineering and human/ET communications, the most disturbing aspect was realising instantly that I had been lied to my whole life. I was raised thinking that the military and governments were truly looking out for me, partially because one of my grandfathers was in the RAF in world war 2 and the generally positive skew of the subject that came to me as a result of that, combined with the same skew in the media - led me to trust them. I had concluded as a young man that UFOs were probably mostly fake or lies, since "if they were real, we would all be seeing them and we'd be informed by the government" - how naive I was!

    It cannot be over emphasised how stressful it is to have an unexpected encounter with an ET vehicle, with no recognition in society 'officially' that such things are even possible. I was immediately concerned that I would be labeled as 'insane' in some way, rather than taken seriously. I felt at that time that I had something to offer the world, useful insight into how I came to have these interactions and important information for humanity on many topics. However, I also felt I could not share this publicly at that time. The control and denial that surrounds this topic has no doubt affected many others too - imagine how many people have chosen not to be of service to the world because they feared being incarcerated or 'disappeared due to exposing the government's fraud and treachery to it's own people for decades!

    Whistleblowers such as Richard Doty and the many others who have come forward in this disclosure process are essential to regaining the balance that has been missing for so long. Individual mental health needs to be recovered on both sides of this situation - largely due to the stress of both lying and being lied to about something so hugely essential to our own evolution and understanding of who we are. This also extends to our own safety and security - we must ask ourselves how much the military groups really have our interests in mind when they cover these things up, since their denials leave us in a false sense of security regarding any possible threat that may exist from beyond the Earth. In my case, to my knowledge, there was no threat to me and I did not come to harm as a result of the interactions/visits - however, others have told a different story and it is not right to cause people to be more frightened than they might otherwise be if they knew that we were definitely being visited and thus they might have some kind of idea of what to do to protect themselves.

    Richard Doty: Counter Intelligence with ET/UFO Specialisation

    The following interview represents a great example of the kinds of disclosures that numerous individuals have made to the sirius disclosure project in the last couple of decades. Often such people wait until they retire to speak out and can only speak about topics that aren't 'classified' - though some leave videos with Dr. Greer to be released after they die and they may include 'classified' material, as I understand.

    Richard Doty describes his witnessing of ET vehicles, technology and video of living ETs that were being held in secure facilities. He describes working at Groom Lake (Area 51) and of seeing various crafts, some of which were ET in origin and some of which were reverse engineered or hybrid vehicles made by scientists on Earth from ET technology. He describes different groups of ETs, including the classic 'grey' type (or EBENs as he calls them) as well as more insectoid type creatures and others that were more humanoid but with much longer arms than we have. He states that he met Ronald Reagan and he knew that Reagan was briefed on the ET/UFO topic.

    There is a wealth of other information in here, ranging from the 'Roswell' crash retrieval through to the deliberate faking of ET experiences/abductions by specialist military teams for various purposes. Richard's ability to hold and process information mentally makes this a must see for anyone wanting to expand their horizons, learn the truth and who needs to know just what is really going on here on planet Earth!


    Wishing you well,

    Ura Soul

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