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conspiracy - "a secret plan by a group to do something unlawful or harmful." reality - "possessing actuality, existence, or essence." theory - "an idea used to explain a course of actions." conspiracies are created daily and by their nature are obscured by denial, half truth, deception and subterfuge. here we explore the details of conspiracy theory, conspiracy reality and all that may exist in between!
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the paris charlie hebdo attack has many of the classic signs of a state sponsored 'false flag' event.

    ura soul
    the paris charlie hebdo attack has many of the classic signs of a state sponsored 'false flag' event.

    there are numerous aspects to the events in paris at the charlie hebdo cartoonist offices which could be used to form a pattern that fit clearly with the acknowledged pattern of so called 'false flag' terrorism. at the very least these issues need to be examined carefully since so much is at stake and denial, deceptions and miscarriages of justice are rampant.

    what are false flag attacks?

    below is james corbett's brief overview of some of the many false flag events that have transpired on earth so far:


    dan dicks from 'press for truth' gives a relatively short introduction and re-minder of what exactly false flag attacks are and some comments on the paris events:


    what patterns match the paris events with known false flag attacks?

    specific details in this case include:

    • alleged 'murderer's are killled: so unable to defend themselves publicly.

    • one witness said the guy who pointed an AK-47 assault rifle at her and told her to recite the quran or die - said the gunman had "beautiful blue eyes". none of the 'suspects' (2 dead) had blue eyes.


    do these two have blue eyes?

    additionally, one of the brothers can be seen here exiting a prior court case claiming that he had been 'set up':


    • a high ranking police agent who was investigating the case is now dead - allegedly shooting himself with his own gun with no witnesses.


    • the police commissioner's mother has spoken out, saying that she has been denied access to the autopsy of her son and that there are several areas of the investigation into her son's death that suggest foul play. she has asked why no gunshot was heard when his gun had no silencer fitted and also why the police a-gents will not inform her of who made the last phone call to him shortly before the shot was fired. more information is available via kevin barrett at veteranstoday.com here:


    • immediately the outcome of the events is that the usual suspects (governments) use the events to throw ever more millions of 'currency' at police and military control and justify the ever tightening noose of 'security vs freedom/privacy' in their own nations.


    • the video that allegedly shows the gunman shooting a policeman in the head.. in fact does NOT show this. if you look at it you will see that no-one is visibly shot in the video and at most the gun is firing a blank cartridge at the pavement. as stated by weapons specialists already, the type of gun/ammo in use (if using real ammo) would have blown chunks out of the pavement.. instead there is nothing. the cop's body does not jerk, his head does not explode and there is no blood. (the youtube video that i previously had here to cover this topic has been blatantly censored now, so here is the link to the liveleak video which is higher quality but does not include the commentary).


    • 'someone' threw blood on the pavement where the cop was AFTER the event.. they threw it in the wrong place and even the SKY journalist said that the blood was put there afterwards. the blood was 3ft away from where the body would have been.


    some people have said that the AK47 being fired at the policeman's head would not have produced any blood due to it being fired so close. i do not have experience of shooting people in the head, however, here is a video of someone being killed by a headshot from an AK47 up relatively close on liveleak - (graphic):


    what about the survivors?

    here's the lawyer for the cartoonists, taking credit for everyone's freedom and reminding everyone to buy the next edition of the cartoon! (note: he also has an apparent constant smile, which is something that has been noticed by many observers of the alleged 'crisis actors' involved in the sandy hook event and others. you could ask yourself here: 'would i be smiling constantly after such an alleged tragedy?')

    and here is the remaining cartoonist from the team:


    security services stopped monitoring the brothers 6 months before the attack

    this page at activistpost.com describes how the brothers were deemed to be 'low risk' and were no longer being monitored, just 6 months prior to the attack, despite the evidence being that they were certainly not 'low risk'. the same page also points to how one of the brothers had traveled to yemen, been trained in weapons and met with an alleged terror 'leader' who himself had controversially met with american military leaders in the months following the 911 events.


    what do government voices have to say on the topic?

    here, paul roberts - an ex government representative - gives his thoughts on the political background which suggest to him that this attack was orchestrated by american forces: http://www.paulcraigroberts.org/2015/01/08/charlie-hebdo-tsarnaevs-trial-qui-bono/

    american politician ron paul agrees that this event has all the signs of a false flag attack:

    turkish president - recept tayyip erdoğan - claimed that western government agencies caused the attacks directly to fuel western hatred of muslims to further their own political agendas:


    US politician Jack Lindblad also stated publicly that the attacks were a false flag, according to the independent:


    the 'alleged' leaders of the nations joined arm in arm to 'denounce this attack on freedom of expression'. except.. well, as this writer shows, many of them are themselves responsible for either direct MURDER of JOURNALISTS or TORTURE of JOURNALISTS:


    the controlled mass media put great care into projecting this image so that observers would falsely believe that these politicians were leading vast seas of people walking in unison. however, this was not the case. as you can see from the image below, they were a part of a small group of their own teams and hangers on. perhaps these are mostly security teams designed to stop the rest of the planet's population from acting upon the hate that these ones commonly cause on large percentages of earth's population.

    further direct evidence of false flag staged terror events

    the team at globalresearch have prepared a detailed list of lesser known and well documented false flag events from around the planet in text form, here


    terrorstorm is a feature length documentary made by alex jones on the topic of state sponsored terrorism:


    MI5 whistleblower, annie machon, describes how her co-workers identified that israeli agents had most likely bombed their own embassy in london for political reasons:


    this is a documentary from the 1980s made by the BBC on the topic of project gladio - an accepted false flag terror operation where western governments knowingly killed innocent civilians for political purposes.