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hate is not wrong

    ura soul
    hate is not wrong

    there are many on earth at this timing who believe and preach that 'hate is bad', 'hate causes our problems' and 'hate must end'. this is not a true awareness of hate.

    hate is only extreme dislike. if someone were to stamp on your toes with strength, every time you stood up - for a month - you would very likely extremely dislike that this has occurred. that extreme dislike is hate. there is nothing wrong with hate. usually the challenge that needs to evolve before balance and comfort can be experienced is that either the object of the hate needs to change in some way, OR  some form of emotional expression & movement is needed on the part of the one that hates. the form of the movement/change/evolution in 'the hater' may be to simply move away from that which is hated. there is no need to try to force a dis-honest calm or reprogram your thoughts to attempt to artificially accept what is hated. some things on earth are purely evil and to accept them is not an act of honesty or integrity.

    if you deny your true feelings and deny that you truly feel hatred, you are denying yourself and you are injuring yourself emotionally. in fact, denying your own hatred IS AN ACT OF SELF-HATRED, since to deny how you truly feel and have felt is unloving and un-compassionate towards you.

    so be aware, those that pressure and judge us and our true feelings to deny our reality are the real threat and danger to wellbeing - though there is no need to judge them, blame them, attack them or scorn them; they are usually unconscious of the full depth of the situation.