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nutritional balance

all our bodies have needs.. often we overlook them or never even know the need exists. some foods giveth and some taketh away.\r\nhere we serve awareness of what helps and what does not. we are all unique and what is right for one may not be right for another; yet some choices are commonly healthy.
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Heart Attacks Can Be Caused by Heartlessness. Being Heart Centered Is As Important As Having Access to Oxygen.

    ura soul
    Heart Attacks Can Be Caused by Heartlessness. Being Heart Centered Is As Important As Having Access to Oxygen.
    If you were to view this planet's society from beyond it's atmosphere, you would see great splendour. However, if you felt and looked more closely you might also notice that there are several terrible epidemics that have plagued the planet for a very long time.

    One of them is the mind virus that has people exploiting and enslaving both each other and the animals. This is essentially known as heartlessness because it can only exist where heart is not allowed to engage and bring the needed balance. In that sense, being heart centred is as important as having access to oxygen - yet because the fallout from heartlessness kills indirectly and more slowly, it has become normalised by much of society instead of healed. Whenever you choose to not feel your heart's response to both the experiences you live out and also your own thoughts, you are allowing heartlessness to gain a foothold within you.

    It is no accident that heart attacks are among the biggest killers in this situation and it is entirely relevant that in many cases the eating of dead animals and their milks are causally involved. Raping, enslaving and killing anything is heartless, but to do it to on an industrial scale and to even normalise it and then deny it - well, that takes an extreme amount of unconsciousness and denial of all that is sacred. The killing and abusing of the animals is a reflection of the the lack of love, compassion, intelligence and heart presence within those involved and the disease that causes them to be this way also removes them from the planet as their own heart gives up in response. The body and it's organs can only sustain life as long as they feel good and get what they need - this has been hugely denied by 'science' so far, for the most part. One of the main dysfunctional patterns involves denying that your own actions are problematic and then projecting the issue out onto others and so 'scientists' will tend to not investigate and research ideas which will make them look bad personally when the truth finally comes out.

    Thankfully there are honest people involved in scientific research, health and food production who know that they must put the truth ahead of their own vanity. Heartlessness cannot continue for much longer, the pain and destruction is too immense. I highly suggest researching the many, many scientific studies that show that a vegan lifestyle is the healthiest possible - in terms of nutrition - and is in fact the only diet proven to REVERSE heart disease. A junk food vegan diet or a vegetarian approach is not enough to get the health benefits here - a wholefoods, plant diet is the only way.

    Wishing you well,
    Ura soul