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Non Judgement & Deprogramming the Fight or Flight Response Balances Heart

    ura soul
    Non Judgement & Deprogramming the Fight or Flight Response Balances Heart

    Some people hold very important parts of the puzzle of understanding who we are and what life is. Sometimes they themselves have never felt understood or respected and so have a hard time and feel angry, sad and hurt. It's necessary to know how to not judge if we are to ever truly understand the deeper aspects of life and experience peace. Not judging such people allows the more hidden parts of our story to surface and for many things to heal collectively and for us to finally evolve into greater beings. Deprogramming fight or flight response is a necessary part of this process, yet it has to be done in a totally sacred way that values the emotions and responses involved, rather than simply rejecting them.

    The more we defuse this ancient inner battle between different parts of self, the more we lower internal tension and experience a felt balance that is needed. This also allows greater clarity of thought and more balanced decisions which then helps to end tensions in the outer world too. Going deeper inside is needed now and needs to be done through feeling and the right intentions. Compassion can increase when we understand the deeper aspects of what is causing us to suffer and feel pain.

    -> Hey everyone, I am still alive - just very busy here, both healing and also starting a new digital marketing business, which I will announced formally in the next couple of weeks. :)

    Much love to all,
    Ura Soul