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    Many doctors are coming forward and many are being censored. The numbers are fraudulent due to any cause of death being overridden by any positive test for covid, which has 8 out of 10 false positive results. It is a test for inflammation, not "Virus". Even with that, the numbers put up each day by Johns Hopkins fear mongers are less than the number of people dying from common flu, which (flu) is less than the number dying from TB. This has been a plannedemic from the start to take away our inalienable rights and anyone capable of critical/rational thought who is responsible enough to do a little research can easily see that. A little more research into following the money will also plainly see (CDC,WHO,Vaccine and Johns Hopkins funding) that all roads lead to Bill Gates and other super rich power mongers who mistakenly believe that they have the right to mislead the masses through fear, decide who lives and dies, and decide how those who live will be "allowed" to live. It is insidious, reprehensible and globally criminal. It is pernicious fraud perpetrated by Machiavellian abusers of humanity with no empathy, pushing any kind and number of lies they can to remain in the absolutely corrupted positions of power they believe they are entitled to occupy. A world tribunal of justice will take these evil players out of their sick game or humanity will continue to be slaves to their psychopathic tyranny... Anyone who does not see this for what it truly is suffers under the spell of brainwashing or refuses to accept reality to avoid the pain of cognitive dissonance. We are in the midst of a true spiritual battle (Not religious) and the outcome holds every child of this Earth either captive in slavery or humane in freedom. You, who reads this now as an employee of YouGov can ignore the truth of this but it will not go away. Truth doesn't care what you choose to believe. It is impossible to negotiate reality if your navigation is based on fantasy. 4.30.2020