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what are heaven and hell?

    ura soul
    what are heaven and hell?

    we have all evolved in different ways since the original cause of creation. therefore, we all have different 'pieces of the puzzle' and may not each have enough to answer such existential questions perfectly.

    some will say that 'heaven' is a location and a 'place' and they may have memory of experiences in that apparent 'location'. others may say the same for 'hell'. in truth, all realities are creations of vibration and energy. where the energy is faster vibrating, the energy and reality is experienced as light. light is the realm of 'spirit' and may be called 'heaven' by some who are more experienced in the denser realms such as earth.

    my comprehension is that early in the creative process of 'god', there was indeed a true 'heaven' which was spirit's realm. however, it was truly not always a joyful experience for all involved and so the term 'heaven' was only a label and not a fixed reality where only purely loving and joyful 'heavenly existence' could be found. my present thought is that much of the energy that formed that version of 'heaven' can be presently found at the center of this universe as a large formation of light nebulae.

    hell is, in my awareness, a label/term that is most accurately applied to specific dimensional frequencies belts and non-harmonic dimensions which contain the most discordant energies, heartlessness and 'lost' spirits in creation. hell is the collective creative result of the heartlessness of 'everything that exists across all times' (more or less).

    the qualities of heaven and hell can be felt and attracted and experienced in any moment once self is empowered and attuned to reality creation and direct manifestation.

    why would god desire to create heaven and hell?

    my comprehension here is that heaven is the result of natural, loving, joyful spirit and so heaven is an inevitable result of being true to self. hell is the result of the opposite of that.

    the outcome of the creative process was not known in advance and so there has been much creation which occurred and continues to occur unconsciously, meaning that what is created is not entirely what is desired to be created. we only need to look around at the imbalance on earth to see this unconsciousness in action.