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It's Your Choice

    It's Your Choice

    Joy is definitely a choice at any given moment. The world may have turned into a bizarre twilight zone but, if you can wake up and take a deep breath, you can imagine a sunny day no matter how cloudy the sky. Some people aren't happy unless they are in some fashion of misery. I think that is a crying shame, but, whatever floats your boat. Any time you feel dark clouds of impending doom, remember, the Sun is still shining just on the other side of that cloud layer, and clouds always pass, even if it should rain forty days and forty nights. Money does not make you rich, your attitude is your horn of plenty. It's always your choice. Joy, Love and Gratitude will raise your vibration. Fear, Anger and Hate will always bring you down. The Chinese word for accident is also a definition for opportunity, and, in the Sioux language, there is no word for goodbye.