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new feature! auto-importing of remote multimedia and page summaries

    ura soul

    new feature: katalists and other pages now benefit from a process that automatically grabs media content and page summaries from other websites, which enhances pages at ureka in a useful way. this means that katalists, thoughts, reference pages and other areas that contain hyperlinks will now also automatically contain rich media content from those links.

    only links whose text component is itself a URL will be used. links which form part of a text sentence, for example, will not be altered - to ensure pages remain readable.

    katalists are pages at ureka which combine limitless elements from within the ureka community onto one page (similar to pinterest). this new feature means that all katalists (and other pages) that contain embedded videos (for example) will now load faster, since placeholder images are loaded initially and the video players are only loaded on request.

    as an example, here's the yoga katalist, which contains several videos... yet the page loads as rapidly as pages with no video. :)