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the loop of money addiction

    ura soul

    i worked selling electrical equipment for a while. i worked in other jobs too to 'earn' money. i knew all along i didn't like this, but i had goals and money seemed to be the way to realise them. there are many challenges and misunderstandings with this in terms of living in a way that is balanced and loving. the one i will focus on here is that of the looping of money; by this i mean that the more you align your being to the idea that you need money and the more money you amass, the more attracted you will potentially be to attempting to enforce others to that same way of being.

    "but i SPENT so many years earning money, what would it all have been for if money were not needed?" .. this is undercurrent, though is not needing to be seen to be necessarily of nasty intent. if the solutions were sought they would be found (mostly quite easily) - yet so many have not sought them, that they are ignored continuously. "there are more important issues" - yes, there are.. but they are ignored too.

    "people are dieing" - we need to fix that.. ok, but if you woke up each day to free massage, free food, love and acceptance and fun.. do you think you would be more or less likely to be sick than if you woke up to a 9-5 job, driving in fumes and then TV for a few hours? this is the difference between love and indifference.. acceptance and non acceptance. FREE will and just will.. or life and death. so if we are willing to INVEST less.. and simply allow love.. to allow the releasing of ourselves from the DEBTS (DEATHS) that we create each day through focus on CAPITAL (CAPPING IT ALL); we might just find that we all get on that much better, have less hate, more respect and actually more freedom and more of what we want. yes, you wouldn't be able to buy factory made t-shirts from abusively operated factories for a low price.. and that would be greatness!