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    Rafael Afghaen Draemwaever

    hey, so just kinda tinking and feeling... and thought and felt to try start another topic here...

    i just recently travelled a bit and was at friends in germany, and met a new friend and really nice person and had loads of crazy conversations about this and that but generally aboutt the current world situation and where it seems to all be heading...

    anyway as we were talking he mentioned his girlfriend who really wants to start some university direction.  he more just putting in some hours as a carpenter to get some cashish and then he is off to portugal to help rebuild the earth, family style.  and he said this to me about what his girlfriend wants to do with the uni, taking the current world situation into account, as we can understand it.

    he compared the world to the titanic, and things like getting into uni or starting some big system thing now to silverware on the titanic.  so he said this about his girlfriend.  "she is just polishing the silverware on the titanic" 

    hihi i really liked that one...  yeah we're on the titanic and its going where its going one way or another, lets hope its an iceberg for real this time...  we believe this system is unsinkable, that reality is eternal... but hey ho, we know where its all going.... so who i liked this analogy and now i use it daily :)

    so if u have some funky funny ironic woteva sayings about reality and our current state of it all... common joyn in and share care and make the laughter and light out!