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the upgrade process was successfully completed! bugfixing is ongoing.

    ura soul

    the recent upgrade process at ureka was successful and after a day's coding and tweaking, the majority of the features have been tested and bugs have been resolved. a small amount of bugs still persist and they have been logged and will be resolved asap.

    overall, the site is now faster - with pages commonly loading in around 1-2 seconds for those of us relatively close to the server in holland. there have also been many improvements to the functionality and appearance of the site, including:

    • the 'white' theme has now been applied to emails that are sent by ureka to you - so if you choose that theme you will now receive emails with the white styling applied.
    • the process that grabs information from other sites has been improved and now works faster and with more reliability.
    • the katalists now handle videos more effectively and load much faster.
    • a cookie consent request banner is now added.
    • the process of adding external links has been improved and data is now retrieved in full from the site you are bookmarking in ureka.
    • sharing to twitter now results in correctly formatted text where the item includes non alphanumeric characters.
    • the homepage now has animated sliders.

    many more features will be added soon as timespace becomes available!