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The elongated skulls of South America and beyond

    ura soul
    The elongated skulls of South America and beyond

    There are many examples of ancient skulls being found that demonstrate a very different shape and structure to our modern human skulls - even including a different number of plates and vastly different eye socket sizes. Some have speculated that these are E.T. Humanoids who came and went from our planet. Others have demonstrated that, in fact, these were Earthly humans whose forms changed to accommodate their own evolution. Here I will share some evidence so that you can decide for yourself what might be the truth here.

    Structural features

    For a closeup of the features and lack of 'join' in the top of the skulls, this video is quite clear:

    Is this really the result of 'binding' of the skull? i don't see how that is possible presently, though i am open to receiving input and knowledge from those that have it to offer. The reality here is that the lab work that needs to be performed on these skulls is relatively expensive and at the 'cutting edge' of mainstream genetics - so, since there is not much 'mainstream' interest in doing this presently, there is much that simply has not yet been done (despite attempts by interested parties to get this done).

    Here is a video that goes over some of the surface differences between these skulls and other skulls:


    Researchers in the field

    Here is a commentary from an MD and a genetic scientist on their observations of one of these skulls:

    Here is an interview with one of the primary individuals leading the exploration of these skulls at this timing - as he describes his moves to get proper genetic testing performed on them:

    There are those who refute the claims made in the videos here, yet i am aware of and have seen zero evidence or proof of the rebuttals - so they are essentially of no value to me. further, i have never heard anyone explain the variation of skull plates that we can see in the videos above (in a way that shows they are the result of binding). I have learned the value of and need to remain open with subjects that we do not fully understand and so I do that here.

    More well known evidence from our museums

    While many have seen the various statues and busts of characters from our ancient past - how many of us realise that beneath the hats of some of the statues from ancient Egypt, for example, can be found elongated skulls?

    Queen Nefertiti, for example, is often seen represented by the following bust:

    But how many realise that there are many other busts from ancient Egypt's timeline that show elongated skulls?


    Do Humans exist today with elongated skulls?

    My interest in this field originally began over 10 years ago when I read a pair of books by Drunvalo Melchizdek in which he covered this and many related topics. In that book he identifies a living Tibetan Buddhist Teacher called Kalu Rinpoche and shows a photo of him appearing to have an extended skull. He is a meditation teacher and Drunvalo explained that he understands that the function of the elongated skulls is to facilitate an increased brain capacity that is capable of understanding reality in ways which the average human simply cannot maintain at this time with the 'standard' physiology. In short, he is stating that through deep meditation comes deep understanding about reality and thus we need to be evolved physically to allow us to use the deep information and understandings as we live life.

    Amusingly for me, since I shaved my head I have noticed that I also appear to have a slightly extended skull similar to Kalu's - maybe I will meditate more and see where that goes!

    It is important to note that there are other groups on Earth who have attempted to create an elongated skull effect through binding the body to shape it's growth - such as this female from Africa:

    Perhaps, though, this based on a desire to be seen to be as 'elevated' as the ones who had a grown such a skull without binding - without understanding that the skull can be grown that way without using binding. There is also evidence of such binding from South America which has been suggested to have been done for the same reasons.

    What do you think about this? Do you have any extra info to add?

    Let me know in the comments section, thanks!