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website has been optimised - check your script blocking plugins!

    ura soul

    i have recently been optimising ureka.org in a variety of ways, so now the slowest loading page (activity) is 4 seconds faster for me here.

    many sites make use of what is known as a CDN (content delivery network) to speed up their service around the planet, but these are often either costly or involve giving away a degree of privacy / security. however, since they are a required layer for a global website, i have integrated the free services known as JSdelivr & BowerCDN, which means that some of the larger files from ureka are now served from the global CDN networks for free.

    the only difference this makes to you, as a user/co-creator of ureka is that you may need to allow JSdelivr and BowerCDN in your browser - if you use a plugin such as 'noscript' that blocks javascript files from specific domains.