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allowing the evolution of mental adaptation to circumstances

    ura soul

    the mind is a merging of intention, awareness, focus and feeling - perceptions and thoughts are created as these aspects interact. 

    if any aspect is denied or ignored, the thoughts and perceptions are incomplete and do not represent the whole truth. thus to be well, we must end denial and fully integrate all that we are in every moment.

    as circumstances/events evolve, so do we; if we allow circumstances to over-ride our own intention, awareness, focus and feelings, we have been overpowered. if we allow our mind to be held in rigid patterns, with strongly held thoughtforms about what we should now do, based on circumstances that are apparently beyond our PERCEIVED ability to change, then the adaptations we have made in our mind will be disempowering, since they will include avoidances and workarounds (compromises) that have grown out of incomplete knowledge.

    if circumstances arise which are born of imbalanced minds, to adapt to the circumstances, to 'fit in', by morphing the mind, only adds to the imbalanced circumstances.

    so what is the solution for us, who have adapted to life's heartlessness and imbalance?

    • in the allowance of recognition that the reality we have adapted to is one that is being chosen and attracted, rather than being one which 'we are stuck with'; we can attune to what is needed to be known to more effectively change the reality by will to suit us, rather than changing us to suit the circumstances that have manifested.
    • adaptations designed to avoid some parts of what has manifested can be transformed (intentions reset and logic changed).
    • ending reliance on service based society means that we are no longer 'forever searching for others' to fullfill our needs. no need to shop around for 'goods' (avoiding 'bads'). this is self empowerment and self love. 
    • returning to core self, I AM - that which is, when circumstances are not. the heart of creation, creating FOR and AS us, rather than in denial of true power and attempting to make up for apparent loss of power in others by supporting their services, when the true core of healing and creation does not include dependency at all. 
    • allowing for all forms of commerce to end, since these are forms of dependency which do not allow true freedom - only do what you truly desire to do. in that way the society is a desire based reality and since desire creates reality, the reality can change that much more fluidly than one that is based on apparent need and complex hierarchic contracts, bonds and agreements that are unnecessary.

    as an example, if i am reliant on doctors for my wellbeing, i am looking outwards to them, away from me; the actual origin and cause of any dysfunction i am experiencing.

    the mind can be re-assured that much of the confusion that has been experienced is connected to the disempowerment and resulting over-reliance on the mind to make choices on subjects which have become overly complicated due to dysfunctional beliefs that are literally sold by others for 'profit' (in place of 'prophet'); and that moving away (vibrationally) from reliance on this way of living can allow the mind to relax more and trust that needs will be met simply by desiring, loving and feeling truly, without negation or avoidance.