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the urge to kill is often a mis-translation of the need to accept denied rage

    ura soul

    when 'internal distance' is created by not accepting true feelings, the mind can use limitless potential to create false ideas and premises. the internal distance or 'gap' is the gap between feelings being generated and us accepting those feelings.

    when people say that they 'love to fight' or are labelled as 'trouble makers' - this can be because they have denied expression of their emotions and often that includes rage.

    fighting triggers rage to move and be expressed, which feels good. not because the person 'likes being angry' or 'is just an angry person' or a 'fool' (or any other judgement label) but because accepting the true feelings feels good. if the feelings of joy had been denied for some reason (because we had, for some reason, judged that joy is bad - in our cultural dogma), then possibly we may be a person who seeks to regularly hold parties for 'an excuse to be happy'.

    if we allow our feelings to always express, we do not need excuses for expressing how we feel.. this is natural, yet what is not so obvious is what occurs where there is dysfunction.

    the 'urge to kill' can be heavily denied self/will attempting to find expression through whatever narrow avenue has been allowed (due to the mind strongly believing that expressing anger is 'bad' and 'starts fights') and so now it is no longer simple anger but a convoluted energy that seeks revenge and death for having been denied without loving understanding being present for its loving evolution.

    where we pressure each other to conform and repeat dogma over and over, such as occurs through poltical avenues, churches and media outlets, we are often involved in the creation of that which we deride.. attempting to gain conformity in others so that they 'behave correctly' to 'keep us safe' is precisely what CAUSES the unsafety because the free will that is required to live SAFELY is no longer free, but scolded and molded and controlled.

    may we all be fully on, with no more learning of less-on.