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there are no 'garbage' emotions. all emotions are needed and need to be felt to be known

    ura soul
    there are no 'garbage' emotions. all emotions are needed and need to be felt to be known

    There are many misunderstandings about emotional health which need to be known and resolved on earth now.

    The misunderstandings run the full spectrum

    From minor (yet significant) issues experienced by those whose intentions are to heal - which will be resolved as part of their self-created process of healing.. right through to the much more serious misunderstandings that have weakened and damaged entire continents of us in multiple ways. These more serious misunderstandings can be felt by those who are attuned and who hold the intention to do so, yet they may also be identified in our language, art, 'rule books', habits, 'science' and almost every other facet of daily life - if you know where to look. For example, have you ever heard the phrase 'emotional garbage' or 'emotional baggage'?

    No emotions are truly garbage

    It is not uncommon to hear those among us who proclaim to be 'teachers of wellbeing' or 'gurus' of some type, to proclaim that 'you need to deal with your emotional garbage' - which refers to our backlog of emotions that we carry with us due to our not having processed them effectively as they arose in our lives. Unfortunately, what is missed by many here - and that can be felt by those who are emotionally sensitive - is that to define any emotion as 'garbage' is to deny the sacred nature of self, the feminine within us and emotions too. The reality here is that the unprocessed emotions have been denied, not accepted in the moment and thus are waiting for us to give them the loving acceptance/presence that they need. What these emotions need is to be felt, listened to and received - since this is their purpose and they have a valuable message to give us.

    After decades of emotional imbalance it is not uncommon to feel confused and weakened - without fully knowing the origin of the confusion and weakness. The truth here is that when emotions are denied, we are denying our own being and preventing part of who we are from remaining present. This is analogous to smothering a child to stop their tears or beating a dog to stop it's barking, yet to us - when we do this to our own emotional body - we often think of this as 'ensuring good manners', 'being polite' or 'what i need to do to be safe'. There are many reasons and beliefs involved in our choice to deny our real emotions and they all need to be understood if we are to heal the limiting and damaging effect that such reasoning and beliefs cause within us. what all of the causes have in common is denial and an absence of loving light within them.

    Within the alleged 'emotional garbage' are many of the lost feelings from our moments of confusion in life, from car crashes - arguments and all manner of momentary experiences that we disconnected from in that moment. While it may at first be perceived that these emotions are 'too messy' for us to make sense of and to integrate, the fact is that this essence is part of US! therefore, we have no choice but to accept, heal, balance and evolve these aspects in us if we are to heal, balance and evolve in totality.

    There's gold in your garbage pile

    What at first may feel to be intimidating and even contain feelings of being intimidated, may soon be understood and felt to be 'that other part of you' that you don't relate with much and that in truth has been crying out to be noticed. While the mind takes on it's self allotted 'more important' tasks on earth such as thinking, looking, listening and making choices; the emotional self all too often is retarded and rejected. In truth, this 'other part' is our own feminine essence - our will and our warmer energy centers (chakras) that exist within us - yet most of us deny and understand little about. This is the origin place of intuition and felt understandings, which is a mystery to those who are so desperately disconnected from these aspects of self that they will even make moves to actively suppress these parts in others using 'rules' and even violence.

    The confusing emotions that many class as being 'dangerous' and 'evidence that emotions are not helpful' will often arise as a result of the quick movements of the electric mind as it jerks about in an un-grounded way, leaping from topic to topic - without allowing the real emotions to express in response. The emotions move and express more slowly than the electric mind commonly does and if the mind does not recognise this and learn to slow down and connect/bond with the emotions in the heart, then an emotional backlog builds up within us that needs to be cleared through emotional processing... If we are to be whole again. Sadly, it is the judgmental mind that leaps to the conclusion that these emotions are a problem, that is itself often causing these emotions to exist at all - and so it is imperative that the mind wake up from it's state of self aggrandizement and realise that it has the help it so desperately needs (if only it would reach into the garbage pile that it heartlessly thought to throw it's most loving and able assistant into so long ago!).

    Meditation works when we allow a response and move

    The process of connecting and unifying all of our aspects can be helped with meditation, yet often meditations are being 'taught' and led by those who have not yet unified their emotional selves with their thinking selves. The result is that the meditations cause even more emotional denial as the meditator places value on emotions subsiding, rather than allowing them to move and express freely. The 'peace' that may be temporarily experienced when meditating will rarely last because real peace includes total self acceptance and thus is not static in any way - we need to move to be at peace.

    Moving, in this context, refers both to physically moving the body and also emotionally moving - such as when we say 'i was moved by that piece of music'.

    Healing, balancing & evolving is the way home

    The necessary process here is one of healing our lost aspects and balancing our energies, through evolving our spirit / mind / heart / body / will into wholeness and literally reviving those feeling parts that have been ignored and denied for so long in our own 'trashcan' (while the more masculine and mental aspects sought to puff out it's chest like a pigeon and flash it's tail like a peacock!). The masculine / mental aspect in us has, for aeons, been attempting to demonstrate the greatness that it knows itself to rightfully have, yet without the feminine input it has had no way to truly feel and know how to fully embody it's full potential! This has involvement in the origins of much of the heartless control agendas on earth and why free will is so regularly being denied to such an extent that many even totally deny that free will exists at all!

    Healing emotions requires us to make SOUNDS!

    There is no amount of mentalisation, speaking or 'acting out' that can get emotions evolving and moving in a balanced way. Emotions are vibrations and it is the vibration that needs to be allowed to vibrate to evolve itself into a frequency and feeling that is preferred. Sound is vibration and so to fully allow a free moving emotional movement, is to freely allow sound to emanate from within us in a raw and unedited way.  There is no need to attempt to control or 'MAN-AGE' emotions here if we seek to find real balance.

    Unity and integrity depend on us ending our agenda to make some parts of us disposable.

    Even the judgment of some emotions as being 'negative' is an unloving approach that is born from unconscious fear and lack of self acceptance. There is no way to find these deep fears without first undoing all of the damage that the unjust judgment of the emotional self has done already, since the fears will not move without feeling a total internal acceptance for them, that has not been previously allowed. Without the movement of the fears, they remain unconscious and thus the mind is unaware of them.

    As you can see/feel here, this process of healing, balancing and evolving is a deep one and one that requires diligent learning and attention to detail - much more than is commonly found in most of us before we become aware of the need for us to be fully present in these ways.

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