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the hypocrisy of judging and criminalising drug use and its causes

    ura soul

    firstly - we do not need pills, drugs or medicine to heal us, they are at best only going to change the symptoms and mask the causes - the causes are in consciousness.

    secondly - that said, the use of medicine and drugs is not to be labelled as bad and wrong; doing so may cause other issues - all judgments limit change.

    for many children, being forcibly injected with a variety of compounds by uncaring 'healthcare workers' is their first introduction to drug use. not only do they rarely know what is in the concoctions, often they and their families are pressured or even threatened if they refuse to receive these 'vacinations'. this is a huge subject on its own.

    however, i wish here to point to the denial and obvious hyprocrisy that declares that such actions are 'good' and 'for the betterment of mankind' - while at the same time claiming that if these same children then decide to inject themselves with another chemical through their own free will that they are 'bad' or are 'dangerous' or 'should be stopped'. 

    the reality is that the 'licensed' drugs that are for 'healing' do not heal us directly, at best they make a change that 'may' assist us to heal in some way.. and the 'illegal drugs' that people take for pleasure may in some cases assist in certain types of healing too or may not; the individual's energy and choices are the causal factors, not the compounds.

    adding 'illegality' to the use of some drugs is adding to society's problems, not solving them; the individual may split themselves into sub personalities to avoid detection of their drug use and this is in itself an issue that needs to be healed. only with total acceptance can these issues be resolved.

    we don't truly need drugs and we certainly do not need drugs to be banned or controlled.

    when people point to education being the solution, that may in some cases help; though what is actually being shared as 'education' needs to include recognition that judgment and punitive restrictions for drug use is part of the cause of the suffering and that if the individual totally accepts themself they will be less likely to seek to use drugs. love and truth replaces the need for drugs.