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reversing the denial of childhood emotions and will

    ura soul

    overpowering our own feelings occurs so often we make a habit of it and claim we have no choice.
    often we are in situations where we are presented with a choice to either overpower our true desire or to 'go along' with someone elses mental model of what is acceptable FOR us rather than have them attack us..

    this occurred often while i was at 'school' - 'oh i'm going to have to choose between me and her again'.. 'i don't want to be attacked or made bad', so i'll deny my true feelings and be 'good'.

    this is backwards and causes illness, distress and ultimately if not reversed, death.

    ideas translated into self talk which relate to this are:
    'stay calm'
    'it'll be over in a minute'
    'i'm over it'.

    all of which bely deep levels of anger and resentment that not only was i deemed 'unnacceptable' (which logically is deep denial and also completely untrue), but that no-one else seemed to care or wanted to help.

    the reality of a 'teacher' saying you are unnacceptable for.... *insert childhood freewill behaviour here* - is that 'the teacher doesn't want to really be there on that day doing what they are doing and THEY are unnacepting of THEMSELVES, when there true desire is just to go somewhere else'..
    the 'protocols' of 'business', 'jobs' and 'correct manners' over-ride the feelings over and over again, until there is only heartlessness and loss of freedom.

    this cannot be remedied with a shot of brandy, a cigarette, pills, tv, doctors, magazines.. or any other 'gift' except LOVE. the love that unconditionally accepts all of you, including the desire to stop what you are doing and go somewhere else, regardless of the details of the situation.

    how many people in the 911 towers would be living if they weren't over-riding their intuition and true desire to go play in the fields since age 5?

    freedom to you!