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heartlessness and mass mind control through tv advertising

    ura soul
    heartlessness and mass mind control through tv advertising

    why does the mcdonalds advert 'system' use the slogan "i'm lovin it"?

    and why is it sung by many voices and not just one?


    the logic used to create this media jingle contains an attempt to implant thoughts into our mind (spirit) by exploiting the fact that many of us have already been confused deliberately in ways that can be repeatably observed. through repeated exposure to encoded stimulation through tv, media, billboards and through 'word of mouth' our actions are often predictable and thus can be exploited (the study of this has been called 'marketing' or 'mark-it-in').

    the confusion is both caused by and also causes additional disconnection of our mind from our body's true needs, which commonly results in us running on mental programming (which is also known as conditioning or 'slavery'). due to our choice to not fully feel the body, we are unable to fully know the real truth and thus the answers we receive to our internal questioning processes are inaccurate. for example, you may auto-suggest to yourself the answer to a question such as 'what shall I eat now?' by constructing answers through the combining of 'stored' answers to other (previously asked/answered) questions to produce an 'assimilated' 'best guess' rather than receiving the full truth of the body's needs in response to your inquiry.

    questions previously asked and maintained in mind/consciousness (in other moments, with other people and at other dinner tables) such as 'what are other people going to eat?' - 'what are other people saying about this food?' - are activated subconsciously (beyond the light of full awareness) and when combined with commonly held (sub-conscious) beliefs that are along the lines of 'biggest is best' (e.g. the majority rules and so i'll just conform with what most people want.), the 'biggest' and most 'attractive' answer to our question of 'what shall i eat now?' is constructed from connections which we would not be forming if we were fully aware of everything that was occurring inside of us.

    what was the 'it' in the slogan: "I'm loving it"?

    the it is 'mcdonalds'.. so the thought process (due to disconnections and unconsciousness of your own thoughts and intentions – bypassing of the heart and feelings) might, if vocalised - be similar to:

    what shall I eat now?

    mind searches for answer and gets caught in the internal mind trap of habitual thinking due to disconnection of mind from true feelings and heart

    i feel liiiike...."

    the true desire is really to be feeling loving vibrations of being among others who feel good - however, that desire is one that is commonly being denied in many humans, due to other beliefs that this desire cannot be made real and be fulfilled or is somehow a 'bad' or 'wrong' desire to be holding (guilt).

    i haven't got a clue"

    i don't know how to get what I really desire and need - which is love - the image of which only flashed up momentarily in me because i am suppressing my true desire for love so much that a brief flash is all that i am allowing.

    i'll just go to mcdonalds”.

    the answer to what was needed or desired was not felt and instead  (although the true desire to feel good and loved was momentarily activated) - it was over-written by the thought pattern that 'food is required' (to feel good 'again'). the type of food that is believed to be needed in the body is now chosen carelessly and the selection process degrades away from one that involves the input of the body's voice and instead falls to habitual patterns. the habitual patterns are the realm of the mind controllers and their media based programming tools.

    the soul has been BRANDED.

    the branding has manipulated the human will and also our thought patterns so that the feelings about what is truly needed are being over-ridden by beliefs about what is 'acceptable' , what you *should* do (group mentality) and also an associated lack of self acceptance. 'social adherence to group behaviors' about what is 'right behavior', what is 'best' and even 'what must be truth' all result in a reliance on the use of only a particular (and limited) level of information, consciousness and awareness being involved. these limitations result in us bypassing the dormant aspects of our self/soul/spirit, such as our true desire/will/feelings and body voice – resulting in us compromising over and over again. we do not receive what we really want and need (love and possibly nutrition for body) and instead we are funneled and channelled through queues in mcdonalds, just like the animals were - prior to them being executed and then becoming your beef-burger. (and just like so many humans have been in so many concentration camps).

    conformity kills

    as we repeatedly create a question and answer in our consciousness (choosing the same thoughts repeatedly and thus creating a habit), where the question 'what shall I do next' is answered with 'I'll just do what everyone else is doing' – we are dedicated an amount of our mind to the idea that 'conformity and agreement = good'. it is this type of belief that is exploited by marketers to further heartless agendas. the CHOIR effect on the voice in the mcdonalds advert triggers a VIBRATION in the self that transcends linear thoughts and true nutritional needs are over-ridden, as disconnected thought processes and neurons 'spark' without them being fully and holistically able to communicate with the body (as they need to). without this connection, we are unable to know fully what is occurring in us, what we really are doing and why we are choosing what we are choosing.

    this overall 'wave of confused attraction' within us is built in the unconscious by the 'mcdonalds designers' and begins with the childrens' theming and game give aways that can be seen in mcdonalds and which ensure children have memories of feeling 'good' with friends eating and possibly enjoying parental love (being focus of attention), all while being in the mcdonalds environment. this 'feel good' memory acts as a programming trigger for future recall and control (through food – delivered through advertising) – the children may become 'junkies' for 'junk food'. if this were a process to 'control people to comb their hair' or some other kind of false social dogma this might not be so intensely disgusting to a loving heart, yet what is actually occurring is that millions of living beings (those we label as cows, chickens, fish and pigs) are birthed, caged, tormented, controlled and then ritually slaughtered, then packaged into branded boxes to 'fuel' this heartless mind control 'project' that some people who 'advertise' and 'go shopping' might call 'just a bit of fun for the kiddies'.

    as i already pointed to, this pattern is essentially THE SAME in many ways as what occurred in nazi germany to humans, it just has a corporate branding instead of a swastika.

    i implore all to wake up now, true feelings cannot take much more of a beating than they/we have done.