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remember our childhood intentions of friendship

    ura soul

    when i was a child, i desired equality, i knew we are all equal; whether or not we have experienced greatness, fairness, balance or equality, we are all of the one source and are all 'in truth' equal.

    as children we are often ignored by adults or viewed as 'less than' - 'not relevant'. i saw this and, as many children do, chose to come together with children, not 'against' adults, but simply because we felt an equality that way, to some extent.

    after living on earth for 16 or more orbits (years) - i noticed that many people who would once have been my friends were now 'working' and were being 'ignored' more and more by those who viewed them as 'service' / 'employees' - now they are not 'people' or 'friends' or 'DIVINE BEINGS' - now they are 'background activity'. 

    i used to look at photographs of 100-200 years back and see the large houses that had maids and servants and think 'wow, that is horrible.. how could they live that way?'; not noticing that when i walk into clothing shops and supermarkets, really the same types of relationships are occurring all over again, with a different surrounding and different uniforms. the 'staff' remains, the social structure is different, yet not so different that the underlying patterns cannot be seen and felt.

    this can only really occur if we agree to it occurring. some people choose to 'take sides' with 'the workers' or the 'not workers' (sometimes called, delusionally, 'the elite'); yet taking sides is not a solution, it is also a form of delusion. the only solution is truth and truth is unity. unity is the choosing of re-empowerment from and of the soul, so we do not deny the presence of some in favour of our own maintaining of hording of imagined 'wealth'. how many more years will this heartlessness and denial continue on this earth? not many. the question is, will you be a part of the transformation?