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transforming disaster

focused on the reporting & transformation of areas of living hell: including war zones, concentration camps, famine areas, areas of epidemic illness & toxic pollution.
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no war has ever been won - why war can never succeed and is always based on lies

    ura soul

    be aware - the creation of this text reflects aeons of exploration into this subject and cover multiple dimensions of aspects of existence; it is not simply 'a theory'.

    as the earth surface has been divided into countries and most of them have their own army, weapons, commanders, hierarchy and 'objectives' - as much as many of us do not desire to have any part of any of that, it is all around us in many forms and denying this presence does not 'make it go away'.

    the stories and explorations and expressions connected to fighting and wars contain some of the highest levels of denial of any that have occurred on this planet, that is to say that the thought processes, logic and choices involved contain more errors and misunderstandings than most other areas of life. the reasons for this are extensive and are beyond the scope of this text (for more detail and a path to healing, i recommend the books at http://www.rightuseofwill.com).

    almost every facet of warfare is built on delusions presented as fact. even the idea of countries, against which so many plots of conflict have been created and fought, has within it denial and false premise. the ideas that 'the strongest survive', 'nations are to battle each other for supremacy' and that 'if we don't do it, someone else will' all contain major denials. we are often taught and conditioned that countries are 'to be proud of' and guilted into thinking we need to 'defend them' because 'our parents/grandparents' did the same - 'they sacrificed so that you could have freedom' etc. yet another more holistic view, with loving intent, will reveal that countries themselves are just imaginary zones that 'look good on paper' but actually do not really exist outside of the minds of humans. so where one group in one area that label themselves 'patriots' of their nation, seek to create and aquire the biggest, most powerful, most dangerous weapons to kill others in another area, they have, before they even began, comprimised themselves by not seeking the full truth. the 'security' they seek through weapons, can never be found that way. the security must come through honesty and willingness to evolve and seek the causes of the issues, not through blindly adhering to policies, one-up-man-ship and 'warhead' mentality that only seeks to avoid true feelings and the causes of the discomfort.

    if people were really being honest they would realise that despite any number of stories they might be telling themselves, if one 'country' develops a 'firepower' sufficient to overpower all other 'countries', and if the ones that they are labelling as 'threats' and 'enemies' knew this and desired to survive, they would simply either join the country with the 'most powerful' weapons, either through alliance as a group or through actually relocating to that area to live as individuals. if this were to continue on and on, until the one 'country' was the 'undefeated champion' (even without fighting anyone because the others had all joined them) - that country would now have no other countries to 'fight' and yet would still have huge stockpiles of weapons and soldiers. 

    much has been said about the projections made that these weapons would then be used to control that nation's own people, because the true intent of the ones organising the armies is not to 'win a battle for their country' but is actually to simply fight and control and dominate, regardless of who is on the receiving end (including themselves). in some cases this is true in some ways. what needs to be realised is that we are all one. fighting within 'the one' is not beneficial to any(of-the)one and the bravado and avoidance of emotions upon which armies are founded has to be seen for what it is. soldiering does not create 'survival'; war does not allow 'survival'. overpowering does not create and allow 'survival'.

    LOVE and self acceptance is the ONLY way to live and not die

    if you allow yourself to truly FEEL all that is, you will discover that the 'enemy' is you. the enemy has feelings and causes for being as they are and you have been lied to. the many war films that glorified violence could also have been used to show the futility of war, and many did, yet the marketers and 'desire for money' often drove the plotlines and stylisation to appeal more to the expressions of feeling powerless (and thus seeking to create big explosions) than they did to revealing the futility of war and utter heartlessness of denying yourself true emotional expression and through that, the allowance of your own evolution in creation. the army training often 'drills' into the ones there (creating holes in their fields) the idea that they must supress their emotions to survive. this 'theory' is essentially the underyling premise of all that has and can ever be called 'evil'; it is the denial of the feminine, feeling self that causes evil; no amount of 'forcing' yourself to do the same to then go and fight others, will resolve the issue.

    it is choices such as these, along with the collective intent to 'be strong' (posturing) and collective agreeements to avoid particular areas of self and life that maintains the illusion that warfare and armies create safety. as long as there are warriors, there will be wars - you need to be honest about why you are fighting and what you are fighting; for many, the true feelings are of desire to fight family members and relate to many other events and causes, far beyond the 'people in other countries' onto whome these feelings are channelled and projected through carefully sculpted propoganda made by ones who know very well that this is what is occuring and who seek as much death as possible. does that shock you? to know that your 'leaders' who have trained and 'paid' you, really have your own death in mind? why else would they send you to a battlefield and repeatedly lie about so much of the details? and attempt to prevent you from finding the truth by seeking to over-ride your emotional body and true response with a robotic response that only listens to 'commanders'? surely if they cared for you they would be in full support of your own individuality and ability to express and feel (these qualities have been well known to be required even for being a successful warrior, by the majority of well known warrior groups - as they are required for success in any endevour at all). 

    these patterns have existed for hundreds of years and yet you have pretended to remain willfully ignorant of them, and continued to claim that 'you have no choice', 'its a dirty job but someone's got to do it'.